as-set: AS-MOBIFON descr: Vodafone RO (MobiFon S.A) descr: Bucharest/Romania members: AS39342 members: AS59892 members: AS60149 members: AS56499 members: AS34022 members: AS204184 members: AS58195 members: AS34543 members: AS35597 members: AS62053 members: AS60657 members: AS207115 members: AS49591 members: AS12439 members: AS57879 members: AS51949 members: AS31038 members: AS65442 members: AS56771 members: AS43459 members: AS47958 members: AS202684 members: AS49592 members: AS207071 members: AS44740 members: AS48786 members: AS202842 members: AS43631 members: AS51480 members: AS61361 members: AS39082 members: AS45035 members: AS62279 members: AS34711 members: AS48063 members: AS204221 members: AS21368 members: AS25097 members: AS51746 members: AS31313 members: AS39593 members: AS56770 members: AS43840 members: AS47424 members: AS33946 members: AS51654 members: AS42617 members: AS3573 members: AS62101 members: AS59852 members: AS47774 members: AS49021 members: AS59938 members: AS61958 members: AS49990 members: AS60100 members: AS39900 members: AS62127 members: AS62162 members: AS60303 members: AS62414 members: AS24704 members: AS51094 members: AS49169 members: AS50945 members: AS16031 members: AS35626 members: AS60583 members: AS60694 members: AS51854 members: AS60676 members: AS60993 members: AS47511 members: AS199498 members: AS58337 members: AS12302 members: AS12723 members: AS15407 members: AS24943 members: AS25270 members: AS12949 members: AS28853 members: AS29306 members: AS31017 members: AS30956 members: AS31278 members: AS31227 members: AS31384 members: AS12955 members: AS31605 members: AS34648 members: AS34693 members: AS34640 members: AS34412 members: AS34888 members: AS33971 members: AS35726 members: AS35820 members: AS28946 members: AS16026 members: AS33911 members: AS21433 members: AS39516 members: AS41353 members: AS41461 members: AS41414 members: AS41492 members: AS35468 members: AS28925 members: AS41859 members: AS38998 members: AS35010 members: AS42305 members: AS42234 members: AS42890 members: AS41534 members: AS39809 members: AS43980 members: AS44148 members: AS44144 members: AS44761 members: AS44719 members: AS28727 members: AS47263 members: AS44861 members: AS15873 members: AS47230 members: AS47768 members: AS47693 members: AS44875 members: AS43283 members: AS13085 members: AS48114 members: AS39584 members: AS49123 members: AS49263 members: AS49423 members: AS49596 members: AS41087 members: AS49256 members: AS50402 members: AS13210 members: AS50527 members: AS50447 members: AS50668 members: AS42294 members: AS44830 members: AS35604 members: AS51244 members: AS25378 members: AS51709 members: AS51712 members: AS51911 members: AS51627 members: AS31710 members: AS51029 members: AS50209 members: AS56502 members: AS49379 members: AS28763 members: AS42417 members: AS56615 members: AS57009 members: AS51195 members: AS48165 members: AS57130 members: AS49123 members: AS48338 members: AS44580 members: AS57362 members: AS57177 members: AS57358 members: AS34184 members: AS57105 members: AS50983 members: AS48332 members: AS56406 members: AS29628 members: AS57326 members: AS50991 members: AS44271 members: AS42756 members: AS51240 members: AS35413 members: AS51179 members: AS51481 members: AS58204 members: AS59563 members: AS59488 members: AS20601 members: AS41978 members: AS44675 members: AS58078 members: AS61115 members: AS56744 members: AS15619 members: AS205861 members: AS41131 members: AS209856 members: AS205275 members: AS47390 members: AS60905 members: AS48810 members: AS42599 members: AS35351 members: AS42296 members: AS41270 members: AS61112 members: AS207737 members: AS51284 members: AS34481 members: AS57082 members: AS33961 members: AS39016 members: AS62329 members: AS57668 members: AS35397 members: AS49298 members: AS48005 members: AS40998 members: AS47388 members: AS39011 members: AS57176 members: AS12325 members: AS39581 members: AS50819 members: AS43046 members: AS59511 members: AS60709 members: AS209433 members: AS49852 members: AS50137 members: AS212816 members: AS211412 members: AS206382 members: AS47574 members: AS-ASTRAL members: AS206510 members: AS60995 members: AS35348 members: AS203809 members: AS43224 members: AS47890 members: AS35478 members: AS42397 members: AS210343 members: AS62350 members: AS47142 members: AS57514 members: AS43473 members: AS57316 members: AS52159 members: AS48141 members: AS43040 members: AS48881 members: AS60090 members: AS34469 members: AS57495 members: AS42452 tech-c: DUMY-RIPE admin-c: DUMY-RIPE notify: isp.support@vodafone.ro mnt-by: AS12302-MNT created: 2002-09-25T10:27:50Z last-modified: 2023-11-23T10:30:19Z source: RIPE remarks: **************************** remarks: * THIS OBJECT IS MODIFIED remarks: * Please note that all data that is generally regarded as personal remarks: * data has been removed from this object. remarks: * To view the original object, please query the RIPE Database at: remarks: * http://www.ripe.net/whois remarks: ****************************