as-set: AS-NETVISIONTEL descr: Prime Telecom AS SET members: AS-ICOMM members: AS-ALSYSCUST members: AS-altFEL members: AS-VIPNET members: AS-STAR-STORAGE members: AS-TIER members: AS-MITNET members: AS-TELCOR members: AS-VIVA members: AS-NETCORR members: AS-WDCNET-NEW members: AS-DIGITALIT members: AS-OMNILOGIC members: AS-SAFEGRID members: AS-COMETEINET members: AS-INOVOSET members: AS-BUNEATELECOM members: AS-DISTINCT members: AS-SNRNET members: AS-RNT members: AS-EVH members: AS-HETNiX members: as-djemba members: AS41011:AS-SET-CH members: AS-FIBER-SPACE members: AS-HOSTWAY members: AS-SWAP members: AS-LIVEHOSTING members: AS-TCCFR members: AS-COMWAY members: AS-EASYNETDEV members: AS-BMSITGROUP members: AS50667:AS-MSP members: AS39737 members: AS39734 members: AS35347 members: AS12672 members: AS35584 members: AS34304 members: AS31313 members: AS43703 members: AS41530 members: AS33839 members: AS43938 members: AS35468 members: AS29324 members: AS47291 members: AS33961 members: AS41195 members: AS44675 members: AS49894 members: AS49042 members: AS44875 members: AS50983 members: AS34794 members: AS52057 members: AS51398 members: AS197065 members: AS56417 members: AS198099 members: AS57444 members: AS57938 members: AS197134 members: AS58034 members: AS198173 members: AS61389 members: AS198099 members: AS61243 members: AS48167 members: AS48855 members: AS60993 members: AS61179 members: AS60450 members: AS51709 members: AS62335 members: AS29171 members: AS50940 members: AS42712 members: AS199764 members: AS52211 members: AS12356 members: AS48351 members: AS47319 members: AS34224 members: AS61976 members: AS41011 members: AS207129 members: AS44120 members: AS31734 members: AS8614 members: AS56615 members: AS35268 members: AS60033 members: AS39527 members: AS42397 members: AS50357 members: AS44740 members: AS60657 members: AS57514 members: AS57792 members: AS57176 members: AS48998 members: AS34416 members: AS56615 members: AS8976 members: AS34301 members: AS24704 members: AS51832 members: AS44154 members: AS212258 members: AS13210 members: AS59999 members: AS205275 members: AS30012 members: AS44418 members: AS59462 members: AS205001 members: AS205095 members: AS43474 members: AS203305 members: AS210166 members: AS3210 members: AS41984 members: AS60026 members: AS31362 remarks: ------------------------------ remarks: Communities for Prime Telecom clients remarks: ------------------------------ remarks: 39737:30010 - no advertise to upstream providers remarks: 39737:3001x - prepend 'x' times to upstream providers, x=[1,5] remarks: 39737:30020 - no advertise peers remarks: 39737:3002x - prepend 'x' times peers, x=[1,5] remarks: 39737:80 - no advertise to upstreams remarks: 39737:66 - used for blackholing prefixes down to /32s remarks: ------------------------------ remarks: Routing policy overview: remarks: ------------------------------ remarks: Contact for Prime Telecom remarks: ------------------------------ remarks: abuse: remarks: 24x7 NOC: remarks: ------------------------------ remarks: Peering contact: remarks: ------------------------------ tech-c: DUMY-RIPE admin-c: DUMY-RIPE mnt-by: NETVISION-MNT notify: created: 2006-06-05T13:42:51Z last-modified: 2023-09-15T08:57:19Z source: RIPE remarks: **************************** remarks: * THIS OBJECT IS MODIFIED remarks: * Please note that all data that is generally regarded as personal remarks: * data has been removed from this object. remarks: * To view the original object, please query the RIPE Database at: remarks: * remarks: ****************************