as-set: AS-SPNET org: ORG-SN1-RIPE descr: A1 Bulgaria members: AS3187 members: AS6802 members: AS8280 members: AS8717 members: AS8672 members: AS8880 members: AS12716 members: AS12795 members: AS12796 members: AS12815 members: AS12962 members: AS12982 members: AS13124 members: AS15362 members: AS15504 members: AS15534 members: AS16045 members: AS16193 members: AS16344 members: AS18214 members: AS21337 members: AS21415 members: AS21433 members: AS23154 members: AS24693 members: AS25147 members: AS25407 members: AS28949 members: AS29080 members: AS29210 members: AS29343 members: AS29366 members: AS29580 members: AS31014 members: AS31140 members: AS31369 members: AS31420 members: AS31440 members: AS31522 members: AS31527 members: AS31534 members: AS33825 members: AS33853 members: AS34272 members: AS34340 members: AS34491 members: AS34589 members: AS35014 members: AS35122 members: AS35141 members: AS35176 members: AS35183 members: AS35464 members: AS36224 members: AS39163 members: AS39357 members: AS40968 members: AS41234 members: AS41292 members: AS41352 members: AS41610 members: AS41730 members: AS41799 members: AS41803 members: AS41889 members: AS41922 members: AS42086 members: AS42157 members: AS42625 members: AS43063 members: AS43202 members: AS43651 members: AS43718 members: AS43943 members: AS44179 members: AS44201 members: AS44396 members: AS44525 members: AS44564 members: AS44781 members: AS44805 members: AS47388 members: AS47453 members: AS47874 members: AS48064 members: AS48155 members: AS48458 members: AS48745 members: AS48746 members: AS48917 members: AS49040 members: AS49421 members: AS49950 members: AS50379 members: AS50431 members: AS50506 members: AS51374 members: AS51383 members: AS51581 members: AS51614 members: AS51660 members: AS51830 members: AS51855 members: AS51925 members: AS51987 members: AS56371 members: AS56539 members: AS56661 members: AS56856 members: AS57619 members: AS57622 members: AS57912 members: AS59484 members: AS59746 members: AS59851 members: AS60200 members: AS60578 members: AS60859 members: AS60966 members: AS61098 members: AS61321 members: AS61437 members: AS62037 members: AS62386 members: AS62411 members: AS62418 members: AS196674 members: AS196738 members: AS196801 members: AS197050 members: AS197069 members: AS197086 members: AS197184 members: AS197232 members: AS197741 members: AS198003 members: AS198228 members: AS198259 members: AS198280 members: AS198388 members: AS198576 members: AS198744 members: AS198860 members: AS198868 members: AS198938 members: AS198940 members: AS198941 members: AS199282 members: AS199898 members: AS200024 members: AS200033 members: AS200361 members: AS200422 members: AS200458 members: AS200723 members: AS201326 members: AS201406 members: AS201642 members: AS201831 members: AS202043 members: AS202209 members: AS202357 members: AS202593 members: AS202690 members: AS202843 members: AS202864 members: AS203239 members: AS203312 members: AS203390 members: AS203535 members: AS203578 members: AS203723 members: AS203864 members: AS205526 members: AS206346 members: AS206410 members: AS206511 members: AS207234 members: AS207826 members: AS208318 members: AS208319 members: AS208579 members: AS209324 members: AS209337 members: AS209518 members: AS209736 members: AS210024 members: AS210646 members: AS210853 members: AS210992 members: AS212023 members: AS212533 members: AS212561 members: AS213357 members: AS48233 members: AS-ATLANTISNET members: AS-BGWAN members: AS203918:AS-ALL members: AS202309:AS-RADIBASE-INT members: AS-COMNET-BG members: AS-DIGICOM-BG members: AS-FIXITY members: AS-GOV-BG members: AS-ICON members: AS-LINKPLUS members: AS-ONEVIP-OWN-SET members: AS-Petrol members: AS-SU-LOCAL members: AS-TBROS members: AS-TRAKIACABLE members: AS-ULTRACOM members: AS-VARTEH tech-c: DUMY-RIPE admin-c: DUMY-RIPE mnt-by: SPNET-MNT notify: lir@a1.bg created: 2002-04-02T10:07:00Z last-modified: 2024-05-21T12:18:30Z source: RIPE remarks: **************************** remarks: * THIS OBJECT IS MODIFIED remarks: * Please note that all data that is generally regarded as personal remarks: * data has been removed from this object. remarks: * To view the original object, please query the RIPE Database at: remarks: * http://www.ripe.net/whois remarks: ****************************