as-set: AS46208:AS-ALL descr: A set of PFN ASNs and appropriate customer ASNs members: AS46208 members: AS8134 members: AS26888 members: AS27337 members: AS396230 members: AS25879 members: AS55183 members: AS396061 members: AS27553 members: AS19872 members: AS5758 members: AS14716 members: AS394660 members: AS14606 members: AS22436 members: AS400238 members: AS39969 members: AS63133 members: AS21527 members: AS26216 members: AS47018 remarks: AS46208 PFN AS8134 BTC AS26888 UPLOGON AS27337 PASTYN-AS AS396230 Lasco AS25879 Marquette General Health Systems AS55183 Fast-Air Internet, Inc. AS396061 Lewiston Communications AS27553 Telnet Worldwide, Inc. AS19872 CUSTOM SOFTWARE INC AS5758 ALPHA ENTERPRISES LIMITED, INC. AS14716 Lighthouse.net remarks: 20200602 cam/crf - AS394660 ChoiceTEL LLC from AS5758 remarks: 20201207 bjt/crf - AS14606 Cherry Capital Connection, LLC remarks: 20210520 tjl/crf - AS22436 SonicNet fbo Fast-Air - AS55183 remarks: 20230131 cam/crf - AS400238 for PIE&G remarks: 20231109 jd/crf - AS39969 for 4Front 4FC 11 remarks: AS63133 - Per cam, added for DAY 04 remarks: AS21527 - Per cam, added for DAY 04 remarks: AS26216 - Per cam, added for DAY 04 remarks: AS47018 - Per cam, added for DAY 04 notify: admin@pfnllc.net mnt-by: MAINT-AS46208 changed: admin@pfnllc.net 20240214 # 1602Z source: RADB last-modified: 2024-02-14T16:02:09Z