as-set: AS5769:AS-CUSTOMERS descr: Videotron direct customers and BGP customers members: AS5769 members: AS1824 members: AS2924 members: AS3848 members: AS4540:AS-CUSTOMERS members: AS11435 members: AS12132 members: AS13571 members: AS13864 members: AS14304 members: AS14537 members: AS14659 members: AS14735 members: AS15067 members: AS16944 members: AS17397 members: AS18875 members: AS19152 members: AS19515:AS-CUSTOMERS members: AS20016 members: AS22476 members: AS22639 members: AS23395 members: AS-3MEN members: AS29820 members: AS29931 members: AS30180 members: AS30236:AS-CONE members: AS-XITTEL-CUSTOMERS members: AS32735 members: AS33329 members: AS35927 members: AS36068 members: AS40864 members: AS53792 members: AS54198 members: AS54447 members: AS54788 members: AS63134 members: AS63278 members: AS395075 members: AS395592 members: AS395761 members: AS397033 members: AS398833 members: AS398905 members: AS398959 members: AS398995 remarks: remarks: ------------------------------------------- remarks: remarks: Spam and Abuse issues : abuse@videotron.net remarks: remarks: ------------------------------------------- remarks: dern. m-a-j : boufirao remarks: admin-c: See MAINT-AS5769 tech-c: See MAINT-AS5769 notify: radb-admin@videotron.net mnt-by: MAINT-AS5769 changed: radb-admin@videotron.net 20230720 source: RADB last-modified: 2023-11-13T16:17:48Z