as-set: AS-EVOLINK descr: EVOLINK Customer AS Numbers members: AS5421 members: AS6802 members: AS8262 members: AS8431 members: AS8672 members: AS8745 members: AS8808 members: AS8860 members: AS8877 members: AS8880 members: AS9028 members: AS9070 members: AS9119 members: AS9184 members: AS12564 members: AS12716 members: AS12795 members: AS12796 members: AS12867 members: AS13147 members: AS15669 members: AS16344 members: AS20657 members: AS20649 members: AS20665 members: AS20940 members: AS21230 members: AS21249 members: AS21337 members: AS21342 members: AS24770 members: AS24950 members: AS24964 members: AS25206 members: AS25211 members: AS25407 members: AS25556 members: AS28819 members: AS28898 members: AS28909 members: AS29084 members: AS29244 members: AS29418 members: AS31291 members: AS31293 members: AS31420 members: AS34295 members: AS34340 members: AS34376 members: AS34395 members: AS34569 members: AS34653 members: AS34831 members: AS34909 members: AS35293 members: AS35480 members: AS35508 members: AS35756 members: AS38932 members: AS39220 members: AS39483 members: AS39582 members: AS39601 members: AS39833 members: AS41061 members: AS41185 members: AS41565 members: AS41663 members: AS41703 members: AS41730 members: AS41803 members: AS41844 members: AS41946 members: AS42191 members: AS42410 members: AS42431 members: AS42473 members: AS42855 members: AS43202 members: AS43732 members: AS44309 members: AS44313 members: AS44525 members: AS44586 members: AS44718 members: AS44781 members: AS44814 members: AS44872 members: AS44886 members: AS47174 members: AS47226 members: AS47557 members: AS47697 members: AS48181 members: AS48319 members: AS48452 members: AS48584 members: AS49056 members: AS49387 members: AS49699 members: AS49704 members: AS49849 members: AS49879 members: AS50020 members: AS50506 members: AS50866 members: AS51189 members: AS51486 members: AS56389 members: AS56546 members: AS57237 members: AS57538 members: AS57813 members: AS57912 members: AS59546 members: AS59749 members: AS59851 members: AS60039 members: AS60200 members: AS60447 members: AS60457 members: AS60560 members: AS60752 members: AS60590 members: AS61301 members: AS61366 members: AS197236 members: AS197069 members: AS197184 members: AS197216 members: AS197741 members: AS198202 members: AS199081 members: AS199129 members: AS199230 members: AS197769 members: AS198938 members: AS200418 members: AS200450 members: AS200458 members: AS201200 members: AS201860 members: AS201215 members: AS201384 members: AS202843 members: AS203484 members: AS205343 members: AS206645 members: AS206796 members: AS207144 members: AS207691 members: AS209371 members: AS210299 members: AS210754 members: AS211545 members: AS212677 members: AS-ANGELSOFTCUSTOMERS members: AS-ATL members: AS-TELECOMS members: AS-IBGC members: AS-VIKTORIA members: AS-INTECH members: AS-NETPLS members: AS-NETXOUT members: AS-CABLETELBG members: AS-MEGALAN members: AS-NETWORXBG members: AS-STYLECOM members: AS-TRAFFICNET members: AS-RACCOM-INTRT members: AS-DELTABG members: AS-ISTF members: AS-MREAL members: AS-SET-AS25211 members: AS34376:AS-TG-SWU admin-c: DUMY-RIPE tech-c: DUMY-RIPE mnt-by: AS8262-MNT created: 2005-05-27T16:15:41Z last-modified: 2023-06-26T06:35:23Z source: RIPE remarks: **************************** remarks: * THIS OBJECT IS MODIFIED remarks: * Please note that all data that is generally regarded as personal remarks: * data has been removed from this object. remarks: * To view the original object, please query the RIPE Database at: remarks: * remarks: ****************************