as-set: AS-MASTERTEL descr: AS SET of Mastertel CJSC descr: members: AS29226 remarks: -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= remarks: Global IP Transit Customers as-nums remarks: -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= members: AS8484 members: AS8742 members: AS8846 members: AS15756 members: AS16466 members: AS24774 members: AS25227 members: AS25561 members: AS31192 members: AS31600 members: AS34192 members: AS34472 members: AS34910 members: AS35021 members: AS35083 members: AS35658 members: AS39317 members: AS39589 members: AS39684 members: AS41223 members: AS41258 members: AS41300 members: AS41443 members: AS41667 members: AS41774 members: AS41853 members: AS41944 members: AS42024 members: AS42762 members: AS42972 members: AS42998 members: AS43263 members: AS43362 members: AS43518 members: AS43787 members: AS43830 members: AS44094 members: AS44799 members: AS44915 members: AS47231 members: AS47655 members: AS47718 members: AS47737 members: AS47819 members: AS48219 members: AS48839 members: AS49509 members: AS49729 members: AS49916 members: AS50002 members: AS50587 members: AS50652 members: AS50959 members: AS51129 members: AS51309 members: AS51444 members: AS51596 members: AS51613 members: AS51641 members: AS51811 members: AS51971 members: AS51994 members: AS52016 members: AS52198 members: AS56351 members: AS56380 members: AS56685 members: AS56864 members: AS56994 members: AS57073 members: AS57092 members: AS57215 members: AS57449 members: AS57510 members: AS57530 members: AS57573 members: AS57796 members: AS57867 members: AS58009 members: AS58229 members: AS58278 members: AS59571 members: AS59740 members: AS59935 members: AS59979 members: AS60040 members: AS60343 members: AS60459 members: AS60473 members: AS60535 members: AS60561 members: AS60702 members: AS60732 members: AS60812 members: AS60826 members: AS60921 members: AS61261 members: AS61308 members: AS62010 members: AS62221 members: AS62295 members: AS136907 members: AS196850 members: AS197303 members: AS197574 members: AS197760 members: AS197896 members: AS198210 members: AS198348 members: AS198390 members: AS198445 members: AS198598 members: AS198705 members: AS199085 members: AS199274 members: AS199798 members: AS199825 members: AS200016 members: AS200457 members: AS200575 members: AS201012 members: AS201018 members: AS201265 members: AS201297 members: AS201509 members: AS201564 members: AS201669 members: AS201726 members: AS201788 members: AS201856 members: AS201916 members: AS201994 members: AS202009 members: AS202361 members: AS202764 members: AS202824 members: AS202985 members: AS203492 members: AS203524 members: AS203766 members: AS203907 members: AS203946 members: AS204291 members: AS204305 members: AS204311 members: AS204315 members: AS204459 members: AS204507 members: AS204520 members: AS204564 members: AS204665 members: AS204720 members: AS204827 members: AS204841 members: AS205004 members: AS205324 members: AS205482 members: AS206386 members: AS206767 members: AS206955 members: AS206968 members: AS206973 members: AS207016 members: AS207079 members: AS207104 members: AS207207 members: AS208388 members: AS208796 members: AS209456 members: AS209890 members: AS210038 members: AS210188 remarks: -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- remarks: Global IP Transit Customers as-sets remarks: -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- members: AS-2GIS members: AS-3DATA members: AS-AT-Telecom members: AS-BINBANK members: AS-CAPTEL members: AS-CARAVANAERO members: AS-CCE members: AS-COMPLAT members: AS-CORPSOFT members: AS-CROC members: AS-DATAPLANET members: AS-DEVINOTELECOM members: AS-EETC members: AS-FINAMTECH members: AS-FREENET members: AS-HTS members: AS-IBANK2RU members: AS-INCOMA members: AS-INETRU members: AS-INTERLOGICA-LTD members: AS-ITH3DATA members: AS-ITSOFT members: AS-LOGIKA members: AS-MIRHOSTING members: AS-MTT members: AS-NETONERUS members: AS-NETRACK members: AS-NSPK-MINI members: AS-RECONN members: AS-RTCLOUD-MSK members: AS-RTSNET members: AS-RUSONYX members: AS-RUSPACE members: AS-SET-LINKINTEL members: AS-SG members: AS-TERATEL-SET members: AS-TEZTOUR members: AS-THEFIRST remarks: admin-c: DUMY-RIPE tech-c: DUMY-RIPE mnt-by: MASTERTEL-MNT created: 2004-03-19T10:40:20Z last-modified: 2019-10-16T09:51:24Z source: RIPE remarks: **************************** remarks: * THIS OBJECT IS MODIFIED remarks: * Please note that all data that is generally regarded as personal remarks: * data has been removed from this object. remarks: * To view the original object, please query the RIPE Database at: remarks: * remarks: ****************************