as-set: AS-OPENPEERING descr: Open Peering AS and it's NL Transit customer AS's remarks: ================================================================ descr: members: AS20562 members: AS-JOINTTRANSIT remarks: ================================================================ remarks: DIRECT remarks: ================================================================ members: AS34343 members: AS205025 members: AS35176 remarks: ================================================================ remarks: AMS-IX remarks: ================================================================ members: AS112 members: AS-LWL members: AS12654 remarks: ================================================================ remarks: NL-IX remarks: ================================================================ members: AS72 members: AS1150 members: AS3185 members: AS5418 members: AS5419 members: AS204151 members: AS5615 members: AS6819 members: AS-FIBERBY members: AS7500 members: AS8315 members: AS8328 members: AS29311 members: AS8737 members: AS8954 members: AS12323 members: AS13266 members: AS12561 members: AS209549 members: AS12989 members: AS13132 members: AS30785 members: AS13169 members: AS13684 members: AS196997 members: AS-CM members: AS49627 members: AS16003 members: AS16074 members: AS16237 members: AS16350 members: AS20504 members: AS-TRANSIP members: AS21286 members: AS21315 members: AS213065 members: AS-ASTRALUS members: AS212922 members: AS24587 members: AS25152 members: AS207283 members: AS27381 members: AS29001 members: AS29028 members: AS29126 members: AS50083 members: AS29311 members: AS-BRUTELE members: AS30785 members: AS30806 members: AS30132:AS-SET members: AS209871 members: AS-SPEEDXS members: AS207866 members: AS31533 members: AS60167 members: AS205915 members: AS212818 members: AS31584 members: AS31673 members: AS31615 members: AS34210 members: AS-REDHOSTING members: AS206894 members: AS34233 members: AS34427 members: AS34942 members: AS35027 members: AS35332 members: AS197727 members: AS35383 members: AS35705 members: AS35782 members: AS-KODDOS members: AS39059 members: AS39136 members: AS39234 members: AS39244 members: AS39591 members: AS40069 members: AS41008 members: AS41153 members: AS41155 members: AS41445 members: AS51849 members: AS-M21 members: AS-CSLDUAL members: AS212380 members: AS-INTERRACKS members: AS42158 members: AS42161 members: AS42315 members: AS42320 members: AS42492 members: AS209377 members: AS42517 members: AS42707 members: AS207083 members: AS42949 members: AS43190 members: AS43409 members: AS43440 members: AS43995 members: AS44060 members: AS44253 members: AS44532 members: AS44608 members: AS44858 members: AS47112 members: AS47121 members: AS47172 members: AS47537 members: AS200318 members: AS62167 members: AS47628 members: AS48886 members: AS49206 members: AS49250 members: AS49405 members: AS49548 members: AS49562 members: AS209495 members: AS49625 members: AS49713 members: AS49750 members: AS49784 members: AS50072 members: AS50103 members: AS50570 members: AS50622 members: AS50684 members: AS50799 members: AS50805 members: AS50901 members: AS51030 members: AS51050 members: AS51062 members: AS51331 members: AS-SPOTLER members: AS51571 members: AS51758 members: AS51920 members: AS51949 members: AS52144 members: AS52186 members: AS56453 members: AS56657 members: AS56953 members: AS57029 members: AS57146 members: AS57172 members: AS57626 members: AS57638 members: AS57685 members: AS57717 members: AS58075 members: AS58141 members: AS58138 members: AS59426 members: AS59524 members: AS59685 members: AS59832 members: AS59985 members: AS60222 members: AS60332 members: AS60671 members: AS61013 members: AS61329 members: AS62097 members: AS62105 members: AS62182 members: AS62285 members: AS62383 members: AS62710 members: AS196760 members: AS196771 members: AS197016 members: AS197038 members: AS197395 members: AS197676 members: AS197902 members: AS198089 members: AS198334 members: AS198352 members: AS198550 members: AS198692 members: AS209528 members: AS199095 members: AS199139 members: AS-H2B members: AS-BOLCOM members: AS199523 members: AS199743 members: AS199863 members: AS200191 members: AS200428 members: AS200586 members: AS200596 members: AS200756 members: AS200758 members: AS203722 members: AS203234 members: AS201330 members: AS201372 members: AS201401 members: AS201866 members: AS201968 members: AS202072 members: AS202189 members: AS202796 members: AS199670 members: AS203040 members: AS203126 members: AS203630 members: AS203640 members: AS203815 members: AS203952 members: AS204171 members: AS205583 members: AS206073 members: AS206281 members: AS208332 members: AS206389 members: AS206730 members: AS206836 members: AS206982 members: AS206121 members: AS207119 members: AS216084 members: AS43623:AS-ARD-STERN members: AS-1TEL members: AS-30999 members: AS-3IT members: AS-57344 members: AS-ABAVIA members: AS-ADAPTIVE-TRANSIT members: AS-ADEO members: AS-ADVO members: AS-AJOVA members: AS-ALPHAMEGA members: AS-IACD members: AS-AKAMAI members: AS-ATOM86 members: AS-BENESOL members: AS-ACWEBCONNECTING members: AS-BITENCY members: AS-BOSE members: AS-BUSINESSCONNECT members: AS-CARRIERONE members: AS-COLOCENTER members: AS-COMPUTEL members: AS-CUCI members: AS-DATACOMFORT members: AS-DCF members: AS-DCG members: AS-SIDN members: AS-DDITS members: AS-DEKOOI members: AS-DENIC members: AS-DENIT members: AS-DRC members: AS-DUOCASTBACKUP members: AS-ECG members: AS-ELASTIC-INTERCONNECT members: AS-EUROACCESS members: AS-EXPEREO members: AS-LUNA members: AS-FUNDAMENTS members: AS-GCE members: AS-GP members: AS-HEERLEN members: AS-HENZ members: AS-HOSTMASTER members: AS-HW8TRANSIT members: AS-IAF members: AS-IN2IP members: AS-INFINITYTELECOM members: AS-INFO members: AS-INFRACOMNL members: AS-INTERBOX members: AS-INTOUCH-CS members: AS-PREVIDER members: AS-INFOTHEEK members: AS-INTERMAX members: AS-ISICONNEXION members: AS-IVMOB members: AS-KABELFOON members: AS-KEENONDOTS members: AS-KPNNL members: AS-MEDIACASTER members: AS-MEDIAMONKS members: AS-NEDZONE members: AS-NETLOGICS members: AS-NETWORKING4ALL members: AS-NFORCE members: AS-NGNETWORKS members: AS-NOB members: AS-NUCLEUS members: AS-OPENMINDS members: AS-OSSO members: AS-PETIT members: AS-POCOS members: AS-PUBLIEKEOMROEP members: AS-R-iX members: AS-REASONNET members: AS-ROUTIT members: AS-ROUTELABEL members: AS-SALLANDXS members: AS-SERVERIUS members: AS-SINEW members: AS-SURFNET members: AS-SYSTEMEC members: AS-TISMI members: AS-TRANSIX members: AS-TUXIS members: AS-RUBICONPROJECT members: AS-VERIXI members: AS-VXBITS members: AS-WORLDICT members: AS-XENOSITE members: AS-XLIS members: AS-WIERICKE members: AS-XING members: AS-ZORANET remarks: ================================================================ remarks: GN-IX remarks: ================================================================ members: AS24957 members: AS-DIGITALUS members: AS-DUOCAST remarks: ================================================================ remarks: ================================================================ remarks: From AS-OPENPEERING-EU remarks: ================================================================ members: AS35220 members: AS48056 members: AS57124:AS-PARTNERS members: AS61404 members: AS44134 members: AS201650 members: AS206971 members: AS-HAWE-ALL members: AS-FERAL members: AS-HOSTPALACE members: AS-LYTZENIT members: AS-57344 members: AS-PCEXTREME members: AS-PROLOCATION members: AS-RIJNDATA members: AS-SCHEDOM members: AS-TILAA remarks: ================================================================ mbrs-by-ref: OPENPEERING-MNT mnt-by: OPENPEERING-MNT tech-c: DUMY-RIPE admin-c: DUMY-RIPE remarks: ================================================================ remarks: ================================================================ created: 2002-04-17T13:16:53Z last-modified: 2024-04-15T06:34:28Z source: RIPE remarks: **************************** remarks: * THIS OBJECT IS MODIFIED remarks: * Please note that all data that is generally regarded as personal remarks: * data has been removed from this object. remarks: * To view the original object, please query the RIPE Database at: remarks: * http://www.ripe.net/whois remarks: ****************************