as-set: AS-TTNET descr: TTnet Autonomous System members: AS2872 members: AS56727 members: AS206163 members: AS202790 members: AS43716 members: AS206375 members: AS43231 members: AS12711 members: AS206787 members: AS1449 members: AS12950 members: AS15921 members: AS16025 members: AS197912 members: AS20885 members: AS21440 members: AS25112 members: AS25219 members: AS29151 members: AS33858 members: AS34297 members: AS35029 members: AS35487 members: AS38965 members: AS39124 members: AS39410 members: AS42147 members: AS43417 members: AS44097 members: AS47701 members: AS49053 members: AS58071 members: AS8378 members: AS8428 members: AS8707 members: AS8777 members: AS8876 members: AS8927 members: AS39841 members: AS43247 members: AS20144 members: AS198417 members: AS201688 members: AS198970 members: AS42807 members: AS2121 members: AS197937 members: AS56998 members: AS197792 members: AS57914 members: AS199484 members: AS31486 members: AS5458 members: AS51559 members: AS197916 members: AS31085 members: AS51729 members: AS1967 members: AS2592 members: AS2600 members: AS2686 members: AS3561 members: AS5422 members: AS5594 members: AS6453 members: AS6755 members: AS8386 members: AS8456 members: AS8517 members: AS8678 members: AS8705 members: AS8721 members: AS8869 members: AS9000 members: AS9021 members: AS12296 members: AS12444 members: AS12599 members: AS12729 members: AS12735 members: AS12777 members: AS12794 members: AS12840 members: AS12858 members: AS12861 members: AS12873 members: AS12891 members: AS12903 members: AS12908 members: AS12978 members: AS13102 members: AS13138 members: AS13278 members: AS15464 members: AS15406 members: AS15642 members: AS15656 members: AS15755 members: AS15819 members: AS15897 members: AS15924 members: AS20591 members: AS20649 members: AS20771 members: AS20864 members: AS20954 members: AS20967 members: AS24614 members: AS24615 members: AS24667 members: AS24725 members: AS24891 members: AS24922 members: AS24944 members: AS25145 members: AS25323 members: AS25566 members: AS25595 members: AS28787 members: AS28865 members: AS28967 members: AS29179 members: AS29189 members: AS29434 members: AS30840 members: AS34170 members: AS8685 members: AS31541 members: AS6822 members: AS16135 members: AS33960 members: AS20978 members: AS31365 members: AS31274 members: AS34296 members: AS34418 members: AS34104 members: AS12880 members: AS34619 members: AS24814 members: AS35080 members: AS39582 members: AS28845 members: AS5474 members: AS35211 members: AS41296 members: AS8831 members: AS41417 members: AS41686 members: AS41801 members: AS34398 members: AS42075 members: AS42055 members: AS41902 members: AS8947 members: AS34162 members: AS42169 members: AS42193 members: AS31232 members: AS42260 members: AS41735 members: AS35185 members: AS41933 members: AS41999 members: AS42447 members: AS42421 members: AS42736 members: AS42716 members: AS42868 members: AS42926 members: AS42910 members: AS34478 members: AS35547 members: AS42999 members: AS43116 members: AS42967 members: AS29049 members: AS43242 members: AS43260 members: AS43210 members: AS43300 members: AS43276 members: AS42752 members: AS29334 members: AS43356 members: AS15797 members: AS43488 members: AS42321 members: AS43642 members: AS34117 members: AS34388 members: AS43716 members: AS44274 members: AS44389 members: AS44565 members: AS44637 members: AS38920 members: AS31645 members: AS31689 members: AS43856 members: AS44713 members: AS31704 members: AS44766 members: AS35805 members: AS44922 members: AS25594 members: AS31526 members: AS47185 members: AS33830 members: AS47238 members: AS5583 members: AS8153 members: AS21084 members: AS29221 members: AS29549 members: AS29635 members: AS30734 members: AS31307 members: AS31674 members: AS35474 members: AS39095 members: AS39185 members: AS41324 members: AS41374 members: AS42348 members: AS42626 members: AS43391 members: AS43425 members: AS43582 members: AS43725 members: AS44558 members: AS47190 members: AS47288 members: AS47276 members: AS47294 members: AS47387 members: AS44327 members: AS39427 members: AS47591 members: AS47331 members: AS47883 members: AS47524 members: AS48313 members: AS21277 members: AS48319 members: AS34755 members: AS48170 members: AS48425 members: AS47123 members: AS39386 members: AS48292 members: AS3356 members: AS39298 members: AS43462 members: AS27263 members: AS44261 members: AS39253 members: AS48737 members: AS49027 members: AS34996 members: AS49467 members: AS49581 members: AS47894 members: AS49632 members: AS20622 members: AS49672 members: AS42701 members: AS49861 members: AS49840 members: AS49887 members: AS49879 members: AS6707 members: AS50111 members: AS50146 members: AS49843 members: AS197386 members: AS52033 members: AS206192 members: AS198183 members: AS197893 members: AS197941 members: AS52117 members: AS198325 members: AS6823 members: AS198436 members: AS34818 members: AS197654 members: AS31471 members: AS6907 members: AS51174 members: AS16069 members: AS197633 members: AS58151 members: AS58109 members: AS59490 members: AS29399 members: AS58183 members: AS198208 members: AS58156 members: AS51695 members: AS61420 members: AS56860 members: AS61220 members: AS61345 members: AS39172 members: AS58203 members: AS21595 members: AS51703 members: AS59487 members: AS60946 members: AS60896 members: AS51540 members: AS60847 members: AS56582 members: AS51585 members: AS8363 members: AS58295 members: AS200006 members: AS34736 members: AS35079 members: AS41755 members: AS21433 members: AS62187 members: AS60659 members: AS44444 members: AS49563 members: AS60083 members: AS34403 members: AS62274 members: AS58051 members: AS58012 members: AS197583 members: AS48953 members: AS61966 members: AS60146 members: AS59887 members: AS202143 members: AS51533 members: AS201174 members: AS201274 members: AS200967 members: AS62211 members: AS42287 members: AS201241 members: AS60056 members: AS13238 members: AS201411 members: AS201032 members: AS201520 members: AS43779 members: AS34987 members: AS30758 members: AS48895 members: AS29483 members: AS39356 members: AS12440 members: AS197711 members: AS37566 members: AS37572 members: AS41264 members: AS9163 members: AS34281 members: AS199366 members: AS9229 members: AS327720 members: AS15374 members: AS204249 members: AS199159 members: AS21245 members: AS201021 members: AS204079 members: AS33856 members: AS8639 members: AS203606 members: AS29144 members: AS2872 members: AS203611 members: AS200967 members: AS16041 members: AS34593 members: AS203634 members: AS204056 members: AS203216 members: AS134392 members: AS34684 members: AS36344 members: AS49175 members: AS51625 members: AS197906 members: AS197328 members: AS57152 members: AS51915 members: AS196627 members: AS203289 members: AS197130 members: AS201364 members: AS202859 members: AS15755 members: AS202711 members: AS200571 members: AS394695 members: AS50264 members: AS56650 members: AS60596 members: AS201618 members: AS51739 members: AS203399 members: AS62211 members: AS51021 members: AS206561 members: AS206328 members: AS206227 members: AS51321 members: AS206008 members: AS2872 members: AS205951 members: AS205877 members: AS57834 members: AS205961 members: AS8928 members: AS205757 members: AS205725 members: AS203925 members: AS206449 members: AS205852 members: AS205829 members: AS206119 members: AS47952 members: AS26415 members: AS20940 members: AS39615 members: AS205335 members: AS205416 members: AS197597 members: AS196971 members: AS204918 members: AS57600 members: AS204912 members: AS60881 members: AS58059 members: AS57129 members: AS204938 members: AS204529 members: AS8466 members: AS9095 members: AS16041 members: AS60607 members: AS204324 members: AS202494 members: AS202365 members: AS48011 members: AS201713 members: AS201863 members: AS202924 members: AS210178 members: AS204647 members: AS202561 members: AS202444 members: AS209799 members: AS209708 members: AS209745 members: AS51206 members: AS209828 members: AS209435 members: AS51321 members: AS209171 members: AS50630 members: AS209007 members: AS209872 members: AS208999 members: AS208916 members: AS51575 members: AS61135 members: AS35367 members: AS210099 members: AS201032 members: AS207211 members: AS208961 members: AS207620 members: AS208880 members: AS207782 members: AS207263 members: AS213245 members: AS51566 members: AS208952 members: AS209088 members: AS212945 members: AS212905 members: AS209714 members: AS209286 members: AS58293 members: AS213083 members: AS208972 members: AS212269 members: AS212193 members: AS209490 members: AS212388 members: AS208821 members: AS212538 members: AS212549 members: AS212322 members: AS211863 members: AS207617 members: AS213145 members: AS204736 members: AS211996 members: AS47773 members: AS204457 members: AS207519 members: AS211964 members: AS211648 members: AS207474 members: AS211558 members: AS51820 members: AS-NETINTERNET members: AS-COMNET-INT members: AS-TEKNET members: AS-ARINET members: AS-GENCBT-NETFACTOR members: AS12978:AS-DOL members: AS-EQUINIX-TR members: AS-GRIDTELEKOM members: AS-MARSNET members: AS-RADORE members: AS-NETDIREKT members: AS9121 members: AS-TELETEK members: AS-TurkNettr members: AS-DGN members: AS-BTELEKOM members: AS-KOCNET members: AS-ISNET members: AS-VERITEKNIK members: AS-TST20 members: as-set-utg members: AS-42910 members: AS-NWHCTR members: AS-SAGLAYICI members: AS-GIBIRNET-INT members: AS-EURONETTELEKOM members: AS-TEKNOTEL members: AS-Dora_Customers members: AS-NT tech-c: DUMY-RIPE admin-c: DUMY-RIPE notify: mnt-by: AS9121-MNT created: 2002-09-19T11:03:16Z last-modified: 2021-04-13T11:24:58Z source: RIPE remarks: **************************** remarks: * THIS OBJECT IS MODIFIED remarks: * Please note that all data that is generally regarded as personal remarks: * data has been removed from this object. remarks: * To view the original object, please query the RIPE Database at: remarks: * remarks: ****************************