as-set: AS-UAIX descr: DE "Ukrainian Internet Exchange" (UA-IX) members: AS15645 members: AS112 members: AS12548 members: AS12700 members: AS12963:AS-CUST2UAIX members: AS13335 members: AS15895:AS-ALL members: AS15895:AS-UAIX members: AS199450 members: AS199995:AS-PEER members: AS-1PLUS1 members: AS200582 members: AS204384 members: AS207488 members: AS208525 members: AS208656 members: AS209065 members: AS20940 members: AS209825 members: AS21219 members: AS212372:AS-COOLNET members: AS212604 members: AS213389 members: AS25372:AS-CUSTOMERS members: AS25505:AS-CHEREDA-IX members: AS25526 members: AS28804 members: AS28917 members: AS30128 members: AS31061 members: AS3326:AS-EXT members: AS-35362 members: AS35562 members: AS39431 members: AS40983:AS-FTC members: AS41096 members: AS41586 members: AS42458 members: AS43133 members: AS43656 members: AS44032 members: AS47673 members: AS48650 members: AS49038 members: AS49620 members: AS50263:AS-1-IX members: AS50401 members: AS50499 members: AS51742 members: AS56522 members: AS57864 members: AS58309 members: AS59492:AS-MEGOGO members: AS59636 members: AS60173 members: AS61297:AS-UA members: AS61988 members: AS6939 members: AS8953 members: AS-ACTPA members: AS-ADAM-UA members: AS-ANTIDOT members: AS-APEX members: AS-ARHAT members: AS-AXON members: AS-BANKINFORM members: as-bestlink members: AS-BGN-UA members: AS-BILINK members: AS-BRAVOPORT members: AS-BUKNET members: AS-CAMPUS-RV members: AS-CHEREDA-SM members: AS-COLOCALL-UA members: AS-COLUMBUS members: AS-CORBINA-UA members: AS-COSMONOVA members: AS-CYFRA-UA members: AS-DBOSOFT members: AS-DELTAX members: AS-DIANETUA members: AS-DIPT members: AS-DL-UA members: AS-DNEPRONET members: AS-EL members: AS-ELHIM members: AS-EMPLOT members: AS-ENERGOTEL members: AS-ETT members: AS-EUROLINE-UA members: AS-EUROTELE members: AS-EVEREST members: AS-EXPRESSUA members: AS-FASTTELECOM members: AS-FAUST members: AS-FENIXVT members: AS-FNT members: AS-FORMAT members: AS-FREEHOST members: AS-FREGAT members: AS-GALCOM members: AS-GBIT members: AS-GGT members: AS-GIM members: AS-GOOGLE members: AS-GRATUS members: AS-HOME-NET members: AS-HOSTPRO members: AS-IDSTRATEGY members: AS-IMC members: AS-INET-UA members: AS-INFOAURA members: AS-INFTECH members: AS-INI-NET members: AS-INTERACTIVE3D members: AS-INTERTELECOM members: AS-INTRAFFIC members: AS-INTS members: AS-IPMG members: AS-IPNETUA members: AS-IP-PORT members: as-iprosrv members: AS-ISV members: AS-ITMEDIA-UAIX members: AS-IT-STARCOM members: AS-ITS-UAIX members: AS-ITTELENET-UAIX members: AS-IU-UAIX members: AS-KAMPOD members: AS-KANCOM members: AS-KHMAXNET members: AS-KIEVLINE members: AS-KIEVNET members: AS-KLNK members: AS-KOMTELUA members: AS-KOPIYKA members: AS-KPI members: AS-KTS-CLIENTS members: AS-KUMIR-UAIX members: AS-LANETUA members: AS-LATTELEKOM members: AS-LECOS members: AS-LIMANET members: AS-LMNET members: AS-LOCALKA members: AS-LU members: AS-LUCKY members: AS-MASTER members: AS-MAXIMUM members: AS-MCLAUT members: AS-MEDIANA members: AS-MERLINTELECOM-UA members: AS-MIIT members: AS-MIK members: AS-MIROHOST-A members: AS-MIXMEDIA-IX members: AS-MIXNET members: AS-MOBICOM members: AS-MOBIKOM members: AS-MYTRINITY members: AS-NASHNET members: AS-NBI members: AS-NEMI members: AS-NETGRUP members: AS-NETIX-NET members: AS-NETNOD-ANYCAST members: AS-NETTRACK members: AS-NETUNDER members: AS-NEWTELECOM members: AS-NOVI members: AS-PAVUTYNA members: AS-PCN members: AS-PITLINE members: AS-PIUA members: AS-PLNET members: AS-POINTUA members: AS-PPLnet members: AS-PROT members: AS-QOS members: AS-SDS members: AS-SHTORM members: AS-SILVERTELECOM members: as-SIM-Networks members: AS-SKIF members: AS-SKYNET-BRV members: AS-SKYNET-UA members: AS-SKYNETUA members: AS-SNS-SLAV members: AS-SOLVER members: AS-STARGROUP members: AS-STARLIGHT members: AS-STKIX members: AS-SVUA members: AS-SYNAPSE members: AS-TANGRAM-UA members: AS-TELEGROUP members: AS-TENET-UA members: AS-TEREMKI members: AS-TESTUA members: AS-TH members: AS-UACITY members: AS-UARNET members: AS-UA-SITEL members: AS-UA-STARNET members: AS-UCOMLINE members: AS-UKRAINE members: AS-UKRBIT members: as-ukrdatacom members: AS-UKRHUB members: AS-UKRNET members: AS-UKRPACK-UAIX members: AS-UKRTELBT members: AS-UKRTELEBUD members: AS-UMC-CUSTOMERS members: AS-UNIONCOM members: AS-UNITED members: AS-UNIV members: AS-UNTC members: AS-UOS-IX members: AS-UPC-NET members: AS-URAN-UA members: AS-UTELS members: AS-UTG-UA members: AS-VEDEKON members: AS-VICATV-UA members: AS-VISTI members: AS-VIZITNET members: AS-WDM-UA members: AS-WEARENET members: AS-WEBPRO members: AS-WICOM members: AS-WILDPARK members: AS-WTLCOM members: AS-X-COM members: AS-XTC members: AS-ZNET-UA admin-c: DUMY-RIPE tech-c: DUMY-RIPE notify: admin@ix.net.ua mnt-by: UAIX-MNT created: 2002-09-22T09:25:41Z last-modified: 2024-06-13T12:10:10Z source: RIPE remarks: **************************** remarks: * THIS OBJECT IS MODIFIED remarks: * Please note that all data that is generally regarded as personal remarks: * data has been removed from this object. remarks: * To view the original object, please query the RIPE Database at: remarks: * http://www.ripe.net/whois remarks: ****************************