as-set: AS15694:AS-ATMAN descr: isp members: AS8380, AS8962, AS12774, AS12966, AS13274 members: AS14037, AS15694, AS16167, AS16380, AS20486 members: AS20491, AS20540, AS20553, AS20763, AS20808 members: AS20947, AS21123, AS21169, AS21259, AS21321 members: AS23901, AS24619, AS24732, AS24738, AS24906 members: AS24929, AS25075, AS25138, AS25154, AS25313 members: AS25439, AS25557, AS28793, AS28893, AS28978 members: AS29227, AS29251, AS29254, AS29272, AS29451 members: AS29536, AS30725, AS30730, AS31129, AS31181 members: AS31280, AS31306, AS31528, AS31573, AS31628 members: AS33807, AS33826, AS33895, AS33996, AS34284 members: AS34298, AS34342, AS34600, AS34637, AS34656 members: AS34719, AS34765, AS34826, AS34859, AS34891 members: AS34902, AS34986, AS35139, AS35232, AS35671 members: AS35720, AS39008, AS39014, AS39109, AS39112 members: AS39133, AS39168, AS39198, AS39883, AS41097 members: AS41137, AS41247, AS41406, AS41442, AS41468 members: AS41567, AS41777, AS41930, AS41959, AS42021 members: AS42118, AS42199, AS42402, AS42445, AS42564 members: AS42778, AS42797, AS42877, AS42900, AS42963 members: AS43091, AS43506, AS43862, AS43941, AS43968 members: AS44004, AS44044, AS44175, AS44440, AS44792 members: AS47128, AS47290, AS47305, AS47640, AS47812 members: AS47888, AS48428, AS48516, AS48534, AS48606 members: AS48707, AS49141, AS49197, AS49264, AS49532 members: AS49926, AS50759, AS51517, AS51772, AS51996 members: AS57239, AS57249, AS57355, AS57367, AS57811 members: AS58017, AS58140, AS58144, AS59471, AS59551 members: AS60018, AS60101, AS60425, AS60564, AS60877 members: AS60968, AS61214, AS61251, AS61338, AS62025 members: AS64563, AS65532, AS65535, AS65540, AS196818 members: AS196909, AS196935, AS196972, AS196999, AS197142 members: AS197427, AS197457, AS197472, AS197474, AS197507 members: AS197544, AS197586, AS197599, AS197702, AS197734 members: AS197735, AS197804, AS197811, AS197854, AS197982 members: AS198262, AS198272, AS198413, AS198430, AS198442 members: AS198591, AS198627, AS198734, AS198884, AS199065 members: AS199147, AS199149, AS200104, AS200792, AS200822 members: AS200974, AS201202, AS201386, AS201388, AS201472 members: AS201489, AS201592, AS201615, AS201617, AS201845 members: AS202226, AS202541, AS202904, AS203417, AS203422 members: AS203756, AS203845, AS204953, AS205074, AS205253 members: AS205395, AS205419, AS205462, AS206019, AS206502 members: AS206838, AS206852, AS206908, AS207206, AS209384 members: AS209399, AS209409, AS212305, AS213131, AS213147 members: AS393237 remarks: 226 tech-c: DUMY-RIPE admin-c: DUMY-RIPE mnt-by: ATMAN-MNT created: 2005-11-29T15:09:23Z last-modified: 2021-01-24T05:05:20Z source: RIPE remarks: **************************** remarks: * THIS OBJECT IS MODIFIED remarks: * Please note that all data that is generally regarded as personal remarks: * data has been removed from this object. remarks: * To view the original object, please query the RIPE Database at: remarks: * remarks: ****************************