as-set: AS-IBSCUST descr: Interbusiness and Customers AS members: AS3269 members: AS2162 members: AS2164 members: AS2593 members: AS2594 members: AS2595 members: AS3228 members: AS3573 members: AS3275 members: AS5382 members: AS5394 members: AS5397 members: AS5502 members: AS6734 members: AS6760 members: AS112 members: AS6831 members: AS5609 members: AS6665 members: AS6737 members: AS6840 members: AS8072 members: AS8265 members: AS8234 members: AS8463 members: AS8612 members: AS8626 members: AS8660 members: AS8754 members: AS8783 members: AS8816 members: AS8855 members: AS43954 members: AS8884 members: AS8822 members: AS8911 members: AS8978 members: AS9026 members: AS9034 members: AS9037 members: AS9076 members: AS9104 members: AS9137 members: AS12309 members: AS12340 members: AS12363 members: AS12428 members: AS12434 members: AS12445 members: AS12465 members: AS12468 members: AS12474 members: AS12481 members: AS12498 members: AS12505 members: AS12514 members: AS12515 members: AS12533 members: AS12551 members: AS12559 members: AS12565 members: AS12575 members: AS12607 members: AS12637 members: AS12650 members: AS12710 members: AS12719 members: AS12734 members: AS12803 members: AS12835 members: AS12909 members: AS12913 members: AS12922 members: AS12954 members: AS13016 members: AS13018 members: AS13047 members: AS13089 members: AS13097 members: AS13113 members: AS13145 members: AS13149 members: AS13175 members: AS13176 members: AS13180 members: AS13182 members: AS13183 members: AS13253 members: AS13284 members: AS13286 members: AS15360 members: AS15404 members: AS15433 members: AS15437 members: AS15472 members: AS15529 members: AS15553 members: AS15584 members: AS15592 members: AS15607 members: AS15691 members: AS52083 members: AS15660 members: AS15663 members: AS15668 members: AS15714 members: AS15720 members: AS15746 members: AS15788 members: AS15807 members: AS15875 members: AS15887 members: AS15923 members: AS15973 members: AS15981 members: AS16021 members: AS16035 members: AS16027 members: AS16042 members: AS16052 members: AS16076 members: AS16141 members: AS16155 members: AS16161 members: AS16122 members: AS16177 members: AS16198 members: AS16210 members: AS16297 members: AS16232 members: AS16257 members: AS16259 members: AS16260 members: AS16379 members: AS20487 members: AS20522 members: AS20554 members: AS20580 members: AS20604 members: AS20637 members: AS43843 members: AS20745 members: AS20746 members: AS20788 members: AS20819 members: AS20924 members: AS20942 members: AS20958 members: AS20959 members: AS21014 members: AS20919 members: AS20972 members: AS20981 members: AS21006 members: AS21034 members: AS21056 members: AS21058 members: AS21066 members: AS21074 members: AS21086 members: AS21134 members: AS21176 members: AS21115 members: AS21309 members: AS21333 members: AS21429 members: AS21433 members: AS21451 members: AS21454 members: AS21469 members: AS21471 members: AS24717 members: AS24749 members: AS24771 members: AS24869 members: AS24934 members: AS25044 members: AS25156 members: AS25300 members: AS25301 members: AS24749 members: AS25488 members: AS28999 members: AS25002 members: AS25305 members: AS25331 members: AS25518 members: AS25569 members: AS25886 members: AS28716 members: AS28742 members: AS28856 members: AS28948 members: AS29036 members: AS29050 members: AS29082 members: AS29094 members: AS29127 members: AS29270 members: AS34216 members: AS28977 members: AS29307 members: AS29312 members: AS29419 members: AS29438 members: AS29449 members: AS29598 members: AS34759 members: AS-DATACOM members: AS-COLT members: AS29720 members: AS31033 members: AS31034 members: AS31067 members: AS31115 members: AS31144 members: AS31222 members: AS31403 members: AS31467 members: AS31570 members: AS31611 members: AS31686 members: AS31222 members: AS34281 members: AS34382 members: AS34731 members: AS35130 members: AS35131 members: AS35146 members: AS31617 members: AS31495 members: AS31638 members: AS33964 members: AS33986 members: AS34618 members: AS34613 members: AS34758 members: AS35485 members: AS35006 members: AS35051 members: AS35110 members: AS35114 members: AS35359 members: AS35514 members: AS35519 members: AS35574 members: AS35666 members: AS42425 members: AS41641 members: AS41651 members: AS41734 members: AS39120 members: AS39514 members: AS39657 members: AS39719 members: AS39759 members: AS39859 members: AS39808 members: AS39887 members: AS42180 members: AS42515 members: AS42658 members: AS42665 members: AS42818 members: AS43052 members: AS43364 members: AS43431 members: AS43731 members: AS43960 members: AS44062 members: AS44084 members: AS44241 members: AS44512 members: AS44059 members: AS44485 members: AS44701 members: AS47136 members: AS47224 members: AS47473 members: AS44793 members: AS44920 members: AS44936 members: AS47912 members: AS44942 members: AS44831 members: AS48382 members: AS48500 members: AS41325 members: AS41160 members: AS41827 members: AS48135 members: AS48634 members: AS49355 members: AS47217 members: AS47254 members: AS47568 members: AS47597 members: AS47646 members: AS48291 members: AS48394 members: AS49088 members: AS42538 members: AS42550 members: AS47927 members: AS49212 members: AS49535 members: AS49431 members: AS45015 members: AS49640 members: AS50178 members: AS51344 members: AS51940 members: AS56414 members: AS57144 members: AS57264 members: AS57329 members: AS57469 members: AS59987 members: AS60023 members: AS60501 members: AS60559 members: AS62092 members: AS62171 members: AS62275 members: AS196654 members: AS196874 members: AS196892 members: AS196753 members: AS196784 members: AS196880 members: AS196966 members: AS196983 members: AS197022 members: AS197126 members: AS197506 members: AS197650 members: AS197807 members: AS197835 members: AS197845 members: AS197954 members: AS198013 members: AS198017 members: AS198049 members: AS198090 members: AS198102 members: AS198319 members: AS198320 members: AS198349 members: AS198462 members: AS198471 members: AS198800 members: AS198830 members: AS198887 members: AS198843 members: AS198916 members: AS199084 members: AS199162 members: AS199536 members: AS199617 members: AS199666 members: AS199744 members: AS199837 members: AS200073 members: AS200424 members: AS200547 members: AS200761 members: AS200752 members: AS200854 members: AS209102 members: AS201127 members: AS201367 members: AS201396 members: AS201502 members: AS201852 members: AS202094 members: AS201919 members: AS201935 members: AS201045 members: AS201946 members: AS201950 members: AS202146 members: AS202347 members: AS202975 members: AS203059 members: AS203089 members: AS203150 members: AS203525 members: AS203672 members: AS203726 members: AS204060 members: AS204118 members: AS204158 members: AS204402 members: AS204431 members: AS204546 members: AS204651 members: AS204795 members: AS204809 members: AS204958 members: AS205284 members: AS205374 members: AS205498 members: AS205525 members: AS205636 members: AS205891 members: AS206035 members: AS206207 members: AS206380 members: AS206476 members: AS206498 members: AS206617 members: AS206737 members: AS206816 members: AS206821 members: AS206966 members: AS207018 members: AS207022 members: AS207222 members: AS207356 members: AS207578 members: AS207739 members: AS208017 members: AS208354 members: AS208376 members: AS208578 members: AS208642 members: AS208761 members: AS208775 members: AS208862 members: AS209026 members: AS209102 members: AS209151 members: AS209172 members: AS209234 members: AS209572 members: AS209897 members: AS210129 members: AS210159 members: AS210452 members: AS210936 members: AS211122 members: AS211756 members: AS211943 members: AS212753 members: AS213063 members: AS213338 members: AS3146 members: AS42015 members: AS42933 members: AS48815 members: AS49535 members: AS49605 members: AS50507 members: AS50809 members: AS51065 members: AS51580 members: AS51708 members: AS52054 members: AS56320 members: AS56346 members: AS56376 members: AS56472 members: AS56641 members: AS56911 members: AS43976 members: AS57039 members: AS57343 members: AS57525 members: AS57558 members: AS57846 members: AS59715 members: AS59766 members: AS59777 members: AS60783 members: AS60814 members: AS60989 members: AS62398 tech-c: DUMY-RIPE admin-c: DUMY-RIPE mnt-by: INTERB-MNT created: 2002-09-17T09:38:54Z last-modified: 2024-02-06T07:42:00Z source: RIPE remarks: **************************** remarks: * THIS OBJECT IS MODIFIED remarks: * Please note that all data that is generally regarded as personal remarks: * data has been removed from this object. remarks: * To view the original object, please query the RIPE Database at: remarks: * http://www.ripe.net/whois remarks: ****************************