as-set: AS-NEWLINE descr: PJSC DATAGROUP members: AS5380 members: AS6712 members: AS6846 members: AS6849 members: AS8207 members: AS8494 members: AS9202 members: AS12507 members: AS12639 members: AS12687 members: AS12875 members: AS12809 members: AS12837 members: AS12890 members: AS13252 members: AS15738 members: AS16005 members: AS16112 members: AS20590 members: AS20897 members: AS21029 members: AS21075 members: AS21096 members: AS21219 members: AS21228 members: AS21432 members: AS24610 members: AS24681 members: AS24812 members: AS24896 members: AS25155 members: AS25210 members: AS25216 members: AS25229 members: AS25299 members: AS28975 members: AS29067 members: AS29102 members: AS29187 members: AS29325 members: AS29342 members: AS29683 members: AS30735 members: AS30822 members: AS30828 members: AS30859 members: AS30954 members: AS31016 members: AS31035 members: AS31158 members: AS31206 members: AS31234 members: AS31387 members: AS31489 members: AS31589 members: AS31664 members: AS33817 members: AS34016 members: AS34092 members: AS34094 members: AS34142 members: AS34178 members: AS34280 members: AS34668 members: AS34742 members: AS34877 members: AS35245 members: AS35340 members: AS35614 members: AS35633 members: AS35680 members: AS35737 members: AS35781 members: AS35816 members: AS36344 members: AS39027 members: AS39047 members: AS39065 members: AS39066 members: AS39096 members: AS39147 members: AS39223 members: AS39230 members: AS39329 members: AS39862 members: AS39908 members: AS40983 members: AS40991 members: AS41105 members: AS41115 members: AS41150 members: AS41158 members: AS41208 members: AS41232 members: AS41260 members: AS41278 members: AS41317 members: AS41328 members: AS41485 members: AS41502 members: AS41583 members: AS41598 members: AS41626 members: AS41656 members: AS41685 members: AS42041 members: AS42052 members: AS42138 members: AS42146 members: AS42164 members: AS42174 members: AS42292 members: AS42327 members: AS42350 members: AS42352 members: AS42458 members: AS42545 members: AS42620 members: AS42711 members: AS42768 members: AS42799 members: AS42837 members: AS42982 members: AS43017 members: AS43049 members: AS43078 members: AS43163 members: AS43175 members: AS43472 members: AS43481 members: AS43485 members: AS43497 members: AS43564 members: AS43656 members: AS43662 members: AS43686 members: AS43753 members: AS43937 members: AS43981 members: AS44005 members: AS44019 members: AS44049 members: AS44526 members: AS44723 members: AS44827 members: AS44837 members: AS44873 members: AS44917 members: AS44930 members: AS47203 members: AS47434 members: AS47753 members: AS47772 members: AS47781 members: AS47919 members: AS47939 members: AS48045 members: AS48085 members: AS48143 members: AS48178 members: AS48217 members: AS48358 members: AS48411 members: AS48619 members: AS48641 members: AS48649 members: AS48672 members: AS48683 members: AS48915 members: AS48962 members: AS49019 members: AS49139 members: AS49183 members: AS49359 members: AS49588 members: AS49598 members: AS49599 members: AS49662 members: AS49703 members: AS49710 members: AS49903 members: AS49984 members: AS50130 members: AS50281 members: AS50305 members: AS50494 members: AS50633 members: AS50803 members: AS50843 members: AS50861 members: AS51121 members: AS51315 members: AS51464 members: AS51475 members: AS51597 members: AS51734 members: AS51784 members: AS51959 members: AS52065 members: AS56362 members: AS56386 members: AS56401 members: AS56404 members: AS56459 members: AS56492 members: AS56663 members: AS56751 members: AS56756 members: AS57093 members: AS57330 members: AS57384 members: AS57493 members: AS57544 members: AS57545 members: AS57599 members: AS57709 members: AS57787 members: AS57847 members: AS57887 members: AS57993 members: AS57981 members: AS58119 members: AS58184 members: AS58196 members: AS59585 members: AS59593 members: AS59646 members: AS59781 members: AS60173 members: AS60488 members: AS60754 members: AS60990 members: AS61172 members: AS61182 members: AS61354 members: AS61355 members: AS61384 members: AS61959 members: AS62259 members: AS64455 members: AS196632 members: AS196645 members: AS196741 members: AS196748 members: AS196758 members: AS196824 members: AS196906 members: AS196934 members: AS196947 members: AS197035 members: AS197125 members: AS197255 members: AS197341 members: AS197358 members: AS197359 members: AS197373 members: AS197388 members: AS197434 members: AS197477 members: AS197512 members: AS197688 members: AS197707 members: AS197743 members: AS197967 members: AS197978 members: AS198033 members: AS198109 members: AS198152 members: AS198168 members: AS198215 members: AS198253 members: AS198314 members: AS198337 members: AS198359 members: AS198395 members: AS198488 members: AS198491 members: AS198505 members: AS198532 members: AS198633 members: AS198659 members: AS198754 members: AS198820 members: AS198889 members: AS198987 members: AS199013 members: AS199491 members: AS199808 members: AS199263 members: AS199351 members: AS200288 members: AS200381 members: AS201104 members: AS201381 members: AS201382 members: AS201383 members: AS201387 members: AS201389 members: AS201482 members: AS201483 members: AS201484 members: AS201485 members: AS201803 members: AS202026 members: AS202404 members: AS202443 members: AS202483 members: AS203647 members: AS203654 members: AS204240 members: AS204573 members: AS204929 members: AS205013 members: AS205318 members: AS206513 members: AS56823 members: AS28761:AS-CUSTOMERS members: AS49327:AS-UAIX members: AS-1PLUS1 members: AS-ACSGROUP members: AS-ADAM-UA members: AS-AIREXPRESS members: AS-ALBA members: AS-ALCHEVSKNET members: AS-ALGORITHM members: AS-ALLO members: AS-ASV-DATAGROUP members: AS-APEX members: AS-ARTKOMM members: AS-AU members: AS-AVANET members: AS-AVANTEL-MSK members: AS-AXON members: AS-BESTHOSTING2DG members: AS-BORY members: AS-BRIZ-TO-DATACOMM members: AS25482:AS-CUSTOMERS members: AS-CDMA members: AS-CHEREDA-SM members: AS-CIKLUM members: AS-CINET-UAIX members: AS-CITIUS members: AS-CORBINA-UA members: AS-CRELCOM members: AS-CYFRA-UA members: AS-DARLICS members: AS-DICS members: AS-DIDAN members: AS-DILINES members: AS-DIPT members: AS-DKS members: AS-DREAM members: AS-DANCOM members: AS-DSSZZI members: AS-EDN members: AS-ENBOX members: AS-EUNIC members: AS-EVPANET members: AS-EXPRESSUA members: AS-FARLINE members: AS-FENIXVT members: AS-FNT members: AS-FORMAT members: AS-IC members: AS-ICLUB members: AS-INET-UA members: AS-INFOKLAS-CUSTOMERS members: AS-INFTECH members: AS-INTERPHONE members: AS-INTS members: as-ipcom members: AS-ITT members: AS-IU members: AS-ISU members: AS-ISW members: AS-GLOBALLOGIC members: AS-GRAND members: AS-GOLDA members: AS-GOLTA-CUSTOMERS members: AS-GTS members: AS-HATANET members: AS-HOME-NET members: AS-HOSTPRO members: AS-KHERSONTELECOM members: AS-KPI-WORLD members: AS-KPX members: AS-KPGIC members: AS-LEOTEL members: AS-LINXTELECOM members: AS-LOCALKA members: AS-Luganet members: AS-LU members: AS-ns-luxoft members: AS-KIM members: AS-MAINSTREAM members: AS-MALTAPLUS_NEWNET members: AS-MASTER members: AS-MASTERNET members: AS-MATRIXNET members: AS-MEGABIT members: AS-MEGASTYLE members: AS-METRO-SET members: AS-MIROHOST members: AS-MIT_REL members: AS-MKU members: AS-MOLS members: AS-MOLS-GORL members: AS-MRNDA members: AS-MSS members: AS-MTELUA members: AS-MYST members: AS-MYPLUS members: AS-NASHNET members: AS-NEIRON members: AS-NEOHOST members: AS-NETGRUP members: AS-NETK members: AS-NL members: AS-NORMAPLUS members: AS-OMNILANCE members: AS-ONETELECOM members: AS-PICS members: AS-PIUA members: AS-POISK members: AS-POLYNET members: AS-PRIVATONLINE members: AS-PRETCHER members: AS-QOS members: AS-RASCOM members: AS-RCT members: AS-RENOME members: AS-RGNUA members: AS-RombNet members: AS-RALEDA members: AS-RNS members: AS-RS members: AS-SATURN members: AS-SDS members: AS-SEGODNYA members: AS-SKYLINE-TO-ODEX members: AS-SMN members: AS-S-NET members: AS-SERVER members: AS-SET_OPTOLAN members: AS-SETI-KR members: AS-SETKT members: AS-SELECTEL members: AS-SILVERTELECOM members: AS-SOFIA-CONNECT members: AS-STARLINE members: AS-STELS members: AS-SIMTELECOM members: AS-SVZT members: AS-SYNDICATE members: AS-SYNCHRON members: AS-TEAMDEV members: AS-TECC members: AS-TeleportSV members: AS-TENET-UA members: AS-TERNET members: AS-TH members: AS-TKS members: AS-TKTEL members: AS-TM members: AS-TSUKRAINE members: AS-TRIOLAN members: AS-VAK members: AS-VEDEKON members: AS-VIST-SERVICE members: AS-VNTU members: AS-VOLSBUD members: AS-UAIP members: AS-UANETPOINT members: AS-UA-NEOTEL members: AS-UATELNET members: AS-UOS members: as-ucma members: AS-UMB members: as-ukrdatacom members: AS-UHT members: AS-UHT-TRANSIT members: AS-URAN-INET members: AS-UTG-UA members: AS-WDM members: AS-VINRADIONET members: AS-ZOL members: AS-ZSSM members: AS-XAT members: AS-UITN members: AS-UA-LINK admin-c: DUMY-RIPE tech-c: DUMY-RIPE mnt-by: DATACOM-NOC created: 2003-10-22T07:11:02Z last-modified: 2019-06-03T06:52:09Z source: RIPE remarks: **************************** remarks: * THIS OBJECT IS MODIFIED remarks: * Please note that all data that is generally regarded as personal remarks: * data has been removed from this object. remarks: * To view the original object, please query the RIPE Database at: remarks: * remarks: ****************************