as-set: AS-C4L descr: C4L members: AS25577 members: AS33967 members: AS49485 members: AS59493 members: AS35670 members: AS40513 members: AS198864 members: AS-PSDGroup members: AS49898 members: AS206132 members: AS41415 members: AS202901 members: AS207162 members: AS34499 members: AS211067 members: AS60670 members: AS49823 members: AS203897 members: AS39846 members: AS-AS44574 members: AS-AS41477 members: AS56990 members: AS-CLOUVIDER members: AS-APM members: AS-ASK4 members: AS-AKHTERNET members: AS-MXNT members: AS-BYTEFETCH members: AS-GIGASTREAM members: AS-SOLUTIOS members: AS-STEALTH members: AS-TODAYHOST members: AS-XIFOS members: AS-AS44574 members: AS-AS44574 members: AS4857 members: AS203035 members: AS56367 members: AS47351 members: AS24851 members: AS24594 members: AS41246 members: AS39592 members: AS9212 members: AS199373 members: AS12433 members: AS20652 members: AS28757 members: AS29297 members: AS30847 members: AS31727 members: AS34811 members: AS34679 members: AS35262 members: AS36983 members: AS39925 members: AS41000 members: AS41255 members: AS41400 members: AS41466 members: AS41593 members: AS41595 members: AS41653 members: AS41759 members: AS41813 members: AS42228 members: AS42332 members: AS42382 members: AS43081 members: AS43551 members: AS43935 members: AS43950 members: AS44305 members: AS44684 members: AS42880 members: AS44934 members: AS44965 members: AS47571 members: AS47625 members: AS47746 members: AS47778 members: AS47999 members: AS48231 members: AS48071 members: AS48443 members: AS49503 members: AS48570 members: AS48620 members: AS49819 members: AS50023 members: AS50419 members: AS50888 members: AS51198 members: AS51297 members: AS57307 members: AS41693 members: AS51572 members: AS51823 members: AS51945 members: AS31273 members: AS41000 members: AS47351 members: AS42077 members: AS9163 members: AS47778 members: AS25501 members: AS57907 members: AS59581 members: AS43532 members: AS61373 members: AS60793 members: AS60253 members: AS41866 members: AS34243 members: AS60103 members: AS33446 members: AS201862 members: AS29697 members: AS-EXN members: AS59870 members: AS51545 members: AS203315 members: AS35670 members: AS199379 members: AS46646 members: AS203129 members: AS33967 tech-c: DUMY-RIPE admin-c: DUMY-RIPE mnt-by: C4L-MNT created: 2003-12-01T10:51:39Z last-modified: 2024-05-13T14:49:34Z source: RIPE remarks: **************************** remarks: * THIS OBJECT IS MODIFIED remarks: * Please note that all data that is generally regarded as personal remarks: * data has been removed from this object. remarks: * To view the original object, please query the RIPE Database at: remarks: * http://www.ripe.net/whois remarks: ****************************