as-set: AS-IGW-SET descr: STC List of connected AS members: AS42943 members: AS51375 members: As6412 members: AS208293 members: As65611 members: AS51375 members: As205080 members: AS209905 members: AS-SAUDINET-SET members: As32261 members: as209308 members: AS3573 members: AS54994 members: As201771 members: As210268 members: AS204317 members: As206694 members: As212590 members: AS12529 members: AS58250 members: As49610 members: AS-SETGBI members: as-set-itc members: AS60929 members: AS57458 members: AS-BATELCO-BH members: AS-VIVA-BH members: As15802 members: AS198406 members: AS49317 members: AS203268 members: AS206942 members: AS49257 members: As51254 members: AS48801 members: AS44577 members: AS43987 members: AS201927 members: As43766 members: AS30873 members: AS24753 members: AS29237 members: AS201982 members: As58025 members: AS51964 members: AS13335 members: AS198254 members: AS39386 members: AS25019 members: AS24731 members: AS25233 members: AS28938 members: AS29160 members: AS29255 members: AS29684 members: AS29690 members: AS31416 members: AS34397 members: AS34426 members: AS35388 members: AS39228 members: AS39919 members: AS41119 members: AS41176 members: AS42428 members: AS30857 members: AS31416 members: AS44995 members: AS42838 members: AS42769 members: AS42912 members: AS43775 members: AS48840 members: AS49240 members: AS49474 members: AS49475 members: AS5080 members: AS48832 members: AS44138 members: AS12529 members: AS28730 members: AS12529 members: AS44465 members: AS9038 members: AS50280 members: AS8934 members: AS48937 members: AS50670 members: AS44689 members: AS40986 members: AS50880 members: AS8697 members: AS12486 members: AS-STC-BH members: AS-QNET members: AS50710 members: AS42961 members: AS9155 members: AS41739 members: AS197247 members: AS20144 members: AS51549 members: AS51375 members: AS35457 members: AS43706 members: AS39919 members: AS43755 members: AS39228 members: AS5080 members: AS47327 members: AS31416 members: AS41132 members: AS31416 members: AS28938 members: AS28938 members: AS44689 members: AS43316 members: AS25233 members: AS47146 members: AS39358 members: AS39358 members: AS43766 members: AS30815 members: AS51670 members: AS51975 members: AS47794 members: AS52161 members: AS39891 members: AS47805 members: AS31699 members: AS196896 members: AS51684 members: AS51914 members: AS41739 members: AS56604 members: AS52081 members: AS3225 members: AS-SUDATEL members: AS47887 members: AS56680 members: AS42028 members: AS43378 members: AS47442 members: AS48932 members: AS24757 members: AS42182 members: AS51958 members: AS197994 members: AS197989 members: AS44466 members: AS198005 members: AS57588 members: AS6412 members: AS57458 members: AS57585 members: AS45246 members: AS5416 members: AS44876 members: AS8895 members: AS30857 members: AS20759 members: AS47606 members: AS50517 members: AS44689 members: AS15505 members: AS56714 members: AS42642 members: AS50579 members: AS48407 members: AS57761 members: AS57958 members: AS57908 members: AS198254 members: AS47589 members: AS37273 members: AS37063 members: AS29039 members: AS36915 members: AS37044 members: AS3194 members: AS42705 members: AS-BCS37273 members: AS198799 members: AS50999 members: AS42684 members: AS21491 members: AS58322 members: AS327707 members: AS37408 members: AS44290 members: AS8376 members: AS44290 members: AS35656 members: AS8452 members: AS12524 members: AS42319 members: AS21088 members: AS197921 members: AS33831 members: AS35839 members: AS39559 members: AS42781 members: AS50955 members: AS56484 members: AS57393 members: AS39370 members: AS198735 members: AS196921 members: AS17557 members: AS16060 members: AS44158 members: AS-SETPTCL members: AS36408 members: AS37197 members: AS44913 members: AS29562 members: AS44217 members: AS57324 members: AS58070 members: AS197893 members: AS23151 members: AS50461 members: AS57719 members: AS30990 members: AS37054 members: AS199001 members: AS57689 members: AS35282 members: AS60621 members: AS60462 members: AS196848 members: AS36998 members: AS42591 members: AS199963 members: AS37608 members: AS62452 members: AS37563 members: AS57968 members: AS61268 members: AS54363 members: AS200025 members: AS35338 members: AS37037 members: AS41576 members: AS44623 members: AS41890 members: AS37327 members: AS39015 members: AS12684 members: AS59605 members: AS-ZAINGP members: AS31452 members: AS62123 members: AS60838 members: AS60849 members: AS29357 members: AS60050 members: AS60161 members: AS21042 members: AS41054 members: AS201927 members: AS44689 members: AS21002 members: AS204011 members: AS203308 members: AS202982 members: As56865 members: As57417 members: AS199826 members: AS47907 members: as58277 members: as35629 members: as35681 members: As21002 members: AS210275 members: AS57991 members: AS47344 members: As208278 members: As49833 members: As212848 members: AS-ALSALAMCO members: As29690 members: AS201484 members: As209197 members: AS59771 members: AS59588 members: AS21859 members: as142002 members: AS21245 members: AS31699 members: AS15706 members: AS29690 members: AS25233 members: As203257 members: AS61073 members: AS201272 members: As138915 members: AS48695 members: AS211050 members: AS43009 members: AS203378 members: AS48728 members: AS55256 members: AS43977 members: AS47450 members: AS139057 members: AS200852 members: AS57714 members: AS47589 members: AS200366 members: AS41594 members: AS51080 members: AS48932 members: AS32787 members: AS208710 members: AS42067 tech-c: DUMY-RIPE admin-c: DUMY-RIPE mnt-by: SAUDINET-STC created: 2006-06-02T12:46:15Z last-modified: 2023-11-02T15:51:06Z source: RIPE remarks: **************************** remarks: * THIS OBJECT IS MODIFIED remarks: * Please note that all data that is generally regarded as personal remarks: * data has been removed from this object. remarks: * To view the original object, please query the RIPE Database at: remarks: * http://www.ripe.net/whois remarks: ****************************