as-set: AS-LOCIX descr: LocIX Internet Exchange remarks: LocIX Internet Exchange remarks: ======================================================== remarks: =======================[LocIX AS-SET]=================== remarks: ======================================================== members: AS6233 members: AS6447 members: AS7721 members: AS13335:AS-CLOUDFLARE members: AS21158 members: AS23347 members: AS23748 members: AS30114 members: AS31396 members: AS34924 members: AS35537 members: AS41666 members: AS44620 members: AS46997 members: AS47272:AS-HYEHOST members: AS47689 members: AS48231 members: AS49933 members: AS51019 members: AS51087:AS-DOWN-MANUAL members: AS51745 members: AS51861 members: AS52025 members: AS56662 members: AS56758 members: AS56762 members: AS56997 members: AS57257 members: AS57406 members: AS57797 members: AS57883 members: AS58133 members: AS58299:AS-ALL members: AS59570 members: AS59678 members: AS60900 members: AS61142 members: AS62246 members: AS62269 members: AS64114:AS-ALL members: AS64289:AS-MACARNE members: AS131171 members: AS139216 members: AS140731 members: AS140984 members: AS141712 members: AS142280 members: AS147039 members: AS148971 members: AS149835 members: AS150323 members: AS151420 members: AS151673 members: AS197434:AS-IPV6 members: AS197477:AS-NERDSCAVE members: AS197814 members: AS197856 members: AS198016 members: AS198660 members: AS199073 members: AS199109 members: AS199337 members: AS199392 members: AS199471 members: AS199471:AS-S5B members: AS199605 members: AS199918:AS-WAP members: AS199932 members: AS199956 members: AS199972 members: AS200242 members: AS200258 members: AS200372 members: AS200372:AS-DORFHOSTER-SET members: AS200455 members: AS200545 members: AS200625 members: AS200676 members: AS200809 members: AS200866 members: AS200950:AS-MAIN members: AS200959 members: AS202224 members: AS202262:AS-ALL members: AS202427 members: AS202729 members: AS202827 members: AS202939 members: AS203024 members: AS203062 members: AS203333 members: AS203686 members: AS203738 members: AS203888 members: AS204017 members: AS204033:AS-SARTHUR members: AS204438 members: AS204508 members: AS204750 members: AS205036 members: AS205088 members: AS205121 members: AS205183 members: AS205214 members: AS205329 members: AS205531 members: AS205794 members: AS205848 members: AS205948 members: AS205965 members: AS206125:AS-TIMLAB members: AS206271 members: AS207252 members: AS207292 members: AS207300 members: AS207424 members: AS207439 members: AS207466 members: AS207468 members: AS207537 members: AS207590:AS-CUSTOMERS members: AS207613 members: AS207662 members: AS207941 members: AS208059 members: AS208183 members: AS208434 members: AS208505 members: AS208549 members: AS208563:AS-LINUXGEMINI members: AS208768 members: AS208985 members: AS209533:AS-BGPTUNNEL members: AS209606 members: AS209650 members: AS209768 members: AS209771 members: AS209859 members: AS209864 members: AS209933 members: AS210076 members: AS210397 members: AS210426 members: AS210481 members: AS210563 members: AS210577 members: AS210660 members: AS210667 members: AS210821 members: AS210833 members: AS210836 members: AS210951 members: AS211042 members: AS211063 members: AS211088 members: AS211168 members: AS211275 members: AS211301:AS-UNESTY members: AS211337 members: AS211358 members: AS211398:AS-ALL members: AS211498 members: AS211579 members: AS211581 members: AS211635 members: AS211638 members: AS211671 members: AS211688 members: AS211776 members: AS211869 members: AS211907 members: AS211960 members: AS212024 members: AS212044 members: AS212068 members: AS212112 members: AS212120 members: AS212123:AS-ALL members: AS212164 members: AS212415 members: AS212483 members: AS212518 members: AS212568 members: AS212596 members: AS212625 members: AS212635:AS-212635 members: AS212767 members: AS212856 members: AS212934 members: AS213015 members: AS213033 members: AS213045 members: AS213086 members: AS213127 members: AS213151 members: AS213171 members: AS213204 members: AS213216 members: AS213234 members: AS213376 members: AS213392 members: AS214598 members: AS214753 members: AS214809 members: AS214930:AS-FINITUD-LABS members: AS214953 members: AS215011 members: AS215135:AS-GARCED members: AS215212 members: AS215216 members: AS215258 members: AS215386 members: AS215500 members: AS215563:AS-LUKE-IT members: AS215605 members: AS215664:AS-MULTISERVICESRLS members: AS215672:AS-MOECHUANG members: AS215828:AS-TMW members: AS215887:AS-BARA members: AS216132 members: AS216233 members: AS216324 members: AS216369 members: AS216401 members: AS400442 members: AS-3W-INFRA members: AS-207960-OUT members: AS-AKARL-16 members: AS-AS208907 members: AS-BAHR members: AS-BAKKER-IT members: AS-CHRONO members: AS-CIKLET members: AS-CUPACO members: AS-DANGELO members: AS-DELTAMAN members: AS-DFR members: AS-EFERO members: AS-EMENDERS members: AS-ERNST members: AS-ETH members: AS-EUTPNET members: AS-FASTETHERNET members: AS-FIBERBY members: AS-FINALX members: AS-FREETRANSIT members: AS-FROST members: AS-FSITSYSTEME members: AS-GEFOEKOM members: AS-GLOBAL-NET members: AS-GLOBAL-NET-V6 members: AS-GTDEV members: AS-HATHOST members: AS-HETZNER members: AS-HUEBEL members: AS-HURRICANE members: AS-HURRICANEv6 members: AS-IFOG members: AS-INOX members: AS-IP-MAX members: AS-IP-MAX-V6 members: AS-IP-PROJECTS members: AS-IPNG members: AS-IT2GO members: AS-IWERK members: AS-LAB2 members: AS-LEBHERZ members: AS-LIHAS members: AS-LOWHOSTING members: AS-MEER members: AS-MERKEL members: AS-MG members: AS-MK-NETZDIENSTE members: AS-MMNETWORKS members: AS-MOEDOVE members: AS-MRSHEEP members: AS-MSN members: AS-NC-CUSTOMERS members: AS-NE members: AS-NEBEL members: AS-NETALI members: AS-NETIX-INT members: AS-NETZFABRIK members: AS-OFTEIN members: AS-ORTGIES members: AS-PBB members: AS-PCH members: AS-PERSONAL-PACKET members: AS-PIXINKO members: AS-PROZETA-NET members: AS-RADISH members: AS-RAPPET members: AS-RG members: AS-S members: AS-SERVPERSO members: AS-SMTC members: AS-SNH members: AS-STEFANDUNKEL members: AS-TBSPACE members: AS-TINC-TCC members: AS-V-PS members: AS-VALVE members: AS-vServer members: AS-XTOM members: AS-ZNSL-ALL remarks: ======================================================== remarks: ======================================================== admin-c: DUMY-RIPE tech-c: DUMY-RIPE remarks: ======================================================== remarks: ======================================================== mnt-by: LOCIX-MNT created: 2018-01-23T14:58:53Z last-modified: 2024-07-10T22:32:57Z source: RIPE remarks: **************************** remarks: * THIS OBJECT IS MODIFIED remarks: * Please note that all data that is generally regarded as personal remarks: * data has been removed from this object. remarks: * To view the original object, please query the RIPE Database at: remarks: * http://www.ripe.net/whois remarks: ****************************