as-set: AS-NETASSIST members: AS29632 descr: NetAssist ASes members: AS4508 remarks: AS5505 members: AS-VADAVO remarks: AS6736 members: AS-IRANET-IPM-V6 members: AS6877 members: AS8193 remarks: AS8772 members: AS-UKRAINE remarks: AS9098 members: AS-SETFKTRv6 members: AS9178 members: AS12773 remarks: AS13023 members: AS-WEBBER members: AS15577 remarks: AS15696 members: AS-ARIAN remarks: AS16181 members: AS-MEREZHA-ALL members: AS16628 remarks: AS20516 members: AS-SVUA members: AS20730 members: AS21411 members: AS24206 remarks: AS25482 members: AS25482:AS-CUSTOMERS remarks: AS29107 members: AS-SYNAPSE members: AS29320 members: AS29390 remarks: AS29576 members: AS-POISK-UA members: AS30128 remarks: AS30779 members: AS-INET-UA members: AS30954 remarks: AS31173 members: AS-GNET remarks: AS31451 members: AS-KING members: AS31560 remarks: AS34311 members: AS-KIEVSETI members: AS34516 members: AS34681 members: AS34672 remarks: AS34800 members: AS-SBAG remarks: AS34924 members: AS-Pankerl remarks: AS35352 members: AS-UKRTELEBUD remarks: AS35524 members: AS-TD remarks: AS35619 members: AS-BUEHL members: AS35639 members: AS38041 remarks: AS39249 members: AS-AS39249 members: AS39529 members: AS39695 remarks: AS39753 members: AS-LIUXYON remarks: AS39862 members: AS-DIGIUA remarks: AS39862 members: AS-DIGIUA-V6 remarks: AS41009 members: AS-VIZITNET remarks: AS41305 members: AS-FASTIV members: AS41598 members: AS41800 members: AS42372 remarks: AS42394 members: AS-MKK remarks: AS42504 members: AS-UKRBIT remarks: AS42905 members: AS-LIMANET remarks: AS43409 members: AS-KTS-CLIENTS members: AS43426 members: AS43641 members: AS44477:AS-STARK members: AS44952 members: AS45017 members: AS45005 members: AS47142 members: AS47496 remarks: AS47517 members: AS-CSSUZ members: AS47550 members: AS47598 members: AS47613 members: AS47897 remarks: AS47924 members: AS-MICZUGA members: AS47951 members: AS47995 remarks: AS48002 members: AS-HNG members: AS48117 members: AS48147 members: AS48191:AS-OUT remarks: AS48198 members: AS-AVTOTRANS remarks: AS48278 members: AS-UKRDATACOM members: AS48467 members: AS48682 remarks: AS48781 members: AS-AVK-COM members: AS48899 members: AS49105 members: AS49125 remarks: AS49134 members: AS-10VPN-RESEARCH members: AS49671 members: AS49746 members: AS49889 members: AS50210 members: AS50375 remarks: AS50392 members: AS-CAMPUS-RV members: AS50530 members: AS50833 members: AS50838 members: AS51250 members: AS51469 members: AS51611 members: AS51541 members: AS51742 remarks: AS51861 members: AS-SHARED members: AS52095 members: AS52174 remarks: AS52191 members: AS-LOCALKA remarks: AS52191 members: AS-LOCALKA6 remarks: AS52212 members: AS-INETINVEST remarks: AS52212 members: AS-INETINVEST-V6 members: AS56153 members: AS56394 members: AS56446 remarks: AS56662 members: AS-EUTPNET remarks: AS56727 members: AS-INFORMNET members: AS56755 members: AS57347 members: AS57462 members: AS57492 members: AS57703 remarks: AS57883 members: AS-NITAET remarks: AS58057 members: AS-SBAG members: AS58081 members: AS58133 members: AS58215 members: AS59585 members: AS59682 remarks: AS59729 members: AS-ITLBG members: AS59886 members: AS60084 members: AS60817 remarks: AS60894 members: AS-REGNETS members: AS61218 remarks: AS61251 members: AS-HOST4BIZ remarks: AS61371 members: AS-UA-STARNET remarks: AS62075 members: AS-LANNERT members: AS62309 remarks: AS64199 members: AS-AUGUST members: AS132369 members: AS135103 members: AS132730 members: AS134094 members: AS135134 members: AS139058 members: AS140731 remarks: AS142289 members: AS-ROXONIC members: AS142553 members: AS147020 members: AS147028 members: AS151334 members: AS151633 members: AS197185 members: AS197625 members: AS197919 remarks: AS198227 members: AS-NEWTELECOM members: AS198342 members: AS198383 members: AS198408 members: AS198529 members: AS198747 members: AS198923 members: AS198942 remarks: AS199071 members: AS-PRUNK members: AS199176 members: AS199410 members: AS199462 members: AS199763 members: AS199766 members: AS199954 members: AS199962 remarks: AS200000 members: AS-DELTAX members: AS200021 remarks: AS200334 members: AS-Ofis-Link members: AS200426 members: AS200455 remarks: AS200490 members: AS-BODEMS members: AS200558 members: AS200566 remarks: AS200579 members: AS-RAPDODGE members: AS200753 members: AS200842 remarks: AS200857 members: AS-DISSIDENCE members: AS200897 members: AS201398 members: AS201938 members: AS201245 remarks: AS202572 members: AS-SI-PL-CLOUD remarks: AS202197 members: AS-LAB2 members: AS202685 remarks: AS202827 members: AS-ChrisMunds members: AS202828 remarks: AS202952 members: AS-BANDURA-COMMUNICATIONS-SET members: AS203023 members: AS203062 members: AS203478 members: AS203531 members: AS203636 members: AS203638 members: AS203661 members: AS203664 members: AS203686 members: AS203729 members: AS203783 remarks: AS203980 members: AS-ITLUCKS members: AS204003 members: AS204012 members: AS204028 remarks: AS204508 members: AS-MLGT members: AS204957 members: AS204133 members: AS204293 remarks: AS204254 members: AS-HUEBEL members: AS204374 members: AS204660 members: AS204693 members: AS204842 remarks: AS205121 members: AS-OLEKOZ members: AS205183 members: AS205255 remarks: AS205266 members: AS-IPTSERVICE remarks: AS205268 members: AS-IPCOMUA remarks: AS205365 members: AS-FETZER members: AS205381 remarks: AS205415 members: AS-SMARTHOSEIN remarks: AS205432 members: AS-WILLIAM remarks: AS205593 members: AS-TAKEN members: AS206253 remarks: AS206271 members: AS-FATIH-UNLU members: AS206304 members: AS206332 members: AS206479 members: AS206499 members: AS206633 remarks: AS207149 members: AS-ZALEDIA remarks: AS207301 members: AS-JACKMX members: AS207320 members: AS207343 members: AS207536 remarks: AS207537 members: AS-BLOMME remarks: AS207656 members: AS-UKDANE members: AS207713 members: AS207740 remarks: AS207941 members: AS-JITEN members: AS208328 members: AS208658 remarks: AS208753 members: AS-DANGELO members: AS208958 members: AS209002 members: AS209025 remarks: AS209075 members: AS-KASM members: AS209334 members: AS209391 members: AS209419 members: AS209650 members: AS209861 members: AS209933 members: AS210025 members: AS210041 members: AS210103 members: AS210189 members: AS210311 members: AS210384 members: AS210464 remarks: AS210481 members: AS-GOOD members: AS210623 remarks: AS210633 members: AS-DEVSTORAGE remarks: AS210645 members: AS-DOMINIK members: AS210738 members: AS210905 members: AS210925 remarks: AS211288 members: AS-NETASSISTBG members: AS211323 members: AS211358 remarks: AS211390 members: AS-YUZHEN members: AS211485 remarks: AS211509 members: AS-RUDAKI-Upstreams members: AS211608 remarks: AS211622 members: AS-PWTSAI members: AS211754 members: AS211828 members: AS211851 remarks: AS211876 members: AS-FIXMIXNET members: AS211940 members: AS212034 members: AS212121 members: AS212268 members: AS212483 remarks: AS212292 members: AS-SW members: AS212294 members: AS212332 members: AS212519 remarks: AS212789 members: AS-MOTP members: AS212888 members: AS212925 members: AS213024 remarks: AS213045 members: AS-DED3L remarks: AS213252 members: AS-CENUTA members: AS213286 remarks: AS213312 members: AS-SET-AS213312 members: AS213343 remarks: AS213361 members: AS-TRIVI members: AS216343 members: AS265912 members: AS267848 members: AS272056 members: AS393577 members: AS394144 members: AS396075 members: AS398698 members: AS400312 admin-c: DUMY-RIPE tech-c: DUMY-RIPE mnt-by: MEREZHA-MNT created: 2004-08-17T15:22:00Z last-modified: 2023-09-27T23:05:09Z source: RIPE remarks: **************************** remarks: * THIS OBJECT IS MODIFIED remarks: * Please note that all data that is generally regarded as personal remarks: * data has been removed from this object. remarks: * To view the original object, please query the RIPE Database at: remarks: * remarks: ****************************