as-set: AS-IPARTNERS descr: AS numbers advertised by GTS-POLSKA-AS to foreign upstreams members: AS-ENERGISPL members: AS-CDP members: AS-NETASSIST members: AS-GTS-UA members: AS-SFERANET members: AS-TKK members: AS-PERFEKT-NET members: AS-SZARANET members: AS-MULTINET24 members: AS12324 members: AS12346 members: AS12423 members: AS12476 members: AS12618 members: AS12743 members: AS12827 members: AS12831 members: AS12912 members: AS12966 members: AS12992 members: AS199754 members: AS13110 members: AS13119 members: AS13274 members: AS15384 members: AS56712 members: AS198496 members: AS15443 members: AS15503 members: AS15541 members: AS15728 members: AS15744 members: AS47175 members: AS15798 members: AS15851 members: AS15967 members: AS44792 members: AS8834 members: AS197270 members: AS16138 members: AS16167 members: AS16274 members: AS16283 members: AS16290 members: AS16340 members: AS20486 members: AS20552 members: AS20555 members: AS20656 members: AS203306 members: AS5588 members: AS20781 members: AS20853 members: AS20898 members: AS20938 members: AS203562 members: AS21064 members: AS198232 members: AS21068 members: AS21111 members: AS21182 members: AS21243 members: AS21288 members: AS24879 members: AS24928 members: AS34393 members: AS42643 members: AS30923 members: AS25075 members: AS25390 members: AS25410 members: AS25584 members: AS28785 members: AS28793 members: AS21404 members: AS21021 members: AS15787 members: AS15396 members: AS5550 members: AS5616 members: AS6714 members: AS8246 members: AS8256 members: AS8286 members: AS8323 members: AS8364 members: AS8374 members: AS8501 members: AS8508 members: AS8535 members: AS8633 members: AS8664 members: AS8726 members: AS8798 members: AS8865 members: AS8890 members: AS8970 members: AS9112 members: AS20540 members: AS13065 members: AS29251 members: AS29167 members: AS42107 members: AS15902 members: AS29522 members: AS25191 members: AS29620 members: AS29227 members: AS29642 members: AS29272 members: AS29596 members: AS30838 members: AS16263 members: AS25084 members: AS15373 members: AS30778 members: AS24848 members: AS28982 members: AS30851 members: AS29553 members: AS8326 members: AS31045 members: AS30975 members: AS201253 members: AS31181 members: AS31118 members: AS8477 members: AS29398 members: AS21123 members: AS31310 members: AS29512 members: AS31255 members: AS31505 members: AS31242 members: AS16296 members: AS31599 members: AS31540 members: AS34076 members: AS34254 members: AS42199 members: AS42778 members: AS15997 members: AS16288 members: AS24709 members: AS25138 members: AS44044 members: AS31683 members: AS20491 members: AS33797 members: AS197600 members: AS31658 members: AS20961 members: AS20781 members: AS33895 members: AS33996 members: AS31372 members: AS31621 members: AS34275 members: AS34360 members: AS34342 members: AS33951 members: AS33990 members: AS31573 members: AS34390 members: AS34337 members: AS31628 members: AS34509 members: AS31412 members: AS34525 members: AS31608 members: AS8267 members: AS34688 members: AS198627 members: AS31434 members: AS34765 members: AS34392 members: AS34845 members: AS34826 members: AS202962 members: AS28978 members: AS29414 members: AS30726 members: AS34985 members: AS35174 members: AS31329 members: AS35229 members: AS35235 members: AS35274 members: AS34651 members: AS35191 members: AS12222 members: AS34409 members: AS29649 members: AS34069 members: AS35491 members: AS35179 members: AS34604 members: AS35463 members: AS35306 members: AS16342 members: AS34424 members: AS59958 members: AS24671 members: AS35199 members: AS13000 members: AS35434 members: AS34075 members: AS8477 members: AS39168 members: AS35434 members: AS31199 members: AS39085 members: AS34844 members: AS30824 members: AS15878 members: AS39255 members: AS28815 members: AS29314 members: AS39375 members: AS39039 members: AS39219 members: AS39566 members: AS34325 members: AS41464 members: AS35498 members: AS39439 members: AS39599 members: AS8458 members: AS39716 members: AS39261 members: AS34544 members: AS31229 members: AS39198 members: AS41908 members: AS41057 members: AS39547 members: AS32768 members: AS41237 members: AS41309 members: AS41235 members: AS41266 members: AS34937 members: AS33838 members: AS41358 members: AS41297 members: AS35007 members: AS41662 members: AS41434 members: AS39412 members: AS202899 members: AS29563 members: AS33901 members: AS35760 members: AS41931 members: AS25443 members: AS41442 members: AS41835 members: AS31423 members: AS41809 members: AS41618 members: AS29501 members: AS29593 members: AS42328 members: AS41660 members: AS25070 members: AS42194 members: AS42717 members: AS42877 members: AS42154 members: AS42966 members: AS42445 members: AS41421 members: AS42594 members: AS34431 members: AS41744 members: AS198742 members: AS41142 members: AS43058 members: AS41004 members: AS43117 members: AS42797 members: AS43015 members: AS41468 members: AS38942 members: AS42454 members: AS31646 members: AS43357 members: AS43435 members: AS28893 members: AS41004 members: AS201386 members: AS43470 members: AS43695 members: AS28994 members: AS31023 members: AS197848 members: AS39325 members: AS43920 members: AS43607 members: AS43939 members: AS34656 members: AS201044 members: AS43961 members: AS43941 members: AS44124 members: AS33817 members: AS16182 members: AS19197 members: AS39174 members: AS43153 members: AS44262 members: AS44415 members: AS41005 members: AS2590 members: AS41952 members: AS44354 members: AS50994 members: AS42923 members: AS44643 members: AS44176 members: AS44518 members: AS44190 members: AS43512 members: AS43026 members: AS39133 members: AS47189 members: AS47356 members: AS198788 members: AS47301 members: AS31281 members: AS47466 members: AS47520 members: AS42778 members: AS41912 members: AS41907 members: AS39349 members: AS207218 members: AS47401 members: AS47252 members: AS44783 members: AS41201 members: AS47741 members: AS30753 members: AS44874 members: AS41023 members: AS43769 members: AS31105 members: AS15874 members: AS60217 members: AS42246 members: AS43015 members: AS47281 members: AS48505 members: AS205738 members: AS35671 members: AS47888 members: AS20889 members: AS201488 members: AS60399 members: AS47812 members: AS48712 members: AS48002 members: AS60448 members: AS204245 members: AS48963 members: AS47790 members: AS48626 members: AS49143 members: AS49228 members: AS49199 members: AS49197 members: AS49102 members: AS35778 members: AS42021 members: AS49528 members: AS31032 members: AS49787 members: AS42058 members: AS49731 members: AS199671 members: AS24756 members: AS49792 members: AS31604 members: AS21187 members: AS198268 members: AS5582 members: AS28793 members: AS30782 members: AS42644 members: AS196776 members: AS39288 members: AS43862 members: AS49300 members: AS15470 members: AS39869 members: AS30731 members: AS48790 members: AS34805 members: AS42520 members: AS42573 members: AS48464 members: AS59782 members: AS196901 members: AS50467 members: AS50421 members: AS50493 members: AS196909 members: AS47640 members: AS50489 members: AS44732 members: AS43498 members: AS61983 members: AS203685 members: AS47129 members: AS50481 members: AS197011 members: AS50661 members: AS42361 members: AS196795 members: AS196890 members: AS50987 members: AS196728 members: AS196935 members: AS41865 members: AS50777 members: AS50830 members: AS51104 members: AS33826 members: AS43674 members: AS47322 members: AS51277 members: AS39091 members: AS197162 members: AS51310 members: AS43982 members: AS197201 members: AS197136 members: AS51272 members: AS51208 members: AS50840 members: AS30824 members: AS197274 members: AS206563 members: AS196969 members: AS6448 members: AS12966 members: AS197410 members: AS30824 members: AS48024 members: AS197503 members: AS51390 members: AS197382 members: AS197448 members: AS52124 members: AS42490 members: AS197272 members: AS48559 members: AS49290 members: AS52079 members: AS51931 members: AS197552 members: AS52123 members: AS197356 members: AS25523 members: AS197599 members: AS43171 members: AS197005 members: AS48189 members: AS197170 members: AS50450 members: AS197709 members: AS197605 members: AS51879 members: AS34212 members: AS44501 members: AS56646 members: AS56373 members: AS56470 members: AS197801 members: AS196890 members: AS197800 members: AS34986 members: AS41567 members: AS198053 members: AS6874 members: AS48606 members: AS56904 members: AS9016 members: AS41235 members: AS29451 members: AS49543 members: AS197933 members: AS197671 members: AS197151 members: AS39112 members: AS197776 members: AS197318 members: AS12642 members: AS48395 members: AS43412 members: AS56628 members: AS197936 members: AS38944 members: AS197399 members: AS48659 members: AS50988 members: AS49141 members: AS198115 members: AS57360 members: AS42177 members: AS31683 members: AS197570 members: AS198051 members: AS198106 members: AS29245 members: AS197615 members: AS47476 members: AS57701 members: AS198038 members: AS29272 members: AS197479 members: AS51717 members: AS204009 members: AS199953 members: AS198537 members: AS196666 members: AS197939 members: AS57305 members: AS198637 members: AS198704 members: AS201893 members: AS198216 members: AS206937 members: AS206957 members: AS197735 members: AS41097 members: AS35060 members: AS35179 members: AS43705 members: AS30725 members: AS198829 members: AS198023 members: AS6885 members: AS198910 members: AS41945 members: AS49258 members: AS197572 members: AS198014 members: AS50759 members: AS41218 members: AS58335 members: AS198884 members: AS198118 members: AS29235 members: AS49141 members: AS49888 members: AS57986 members: AS198493 members: AS57488 members: AS198190 members: AS38991 members: AS198928 members: AS198811 members: AS199222 members: AS199149 members: AS41322 members: AS41036 members: AS197891 members: AS199166 members: AS198979 members: AS206770 members: AS197233 members: AS197375 members: AS198857 members: AS59670 members: AS198822 members: AS198133 members: AS12824 members: AS199091 members: AS200999 members: AS44966 members: AS48157 members: AS61338 members: AS199538 members: AS49370 members: AS199615 members: AS51373 members: AS197111 members: AS197918 members: AS199436 members: AS57258 members: AS21210 members: AS43638 members: AS35720 members: AS199410 members: AS25552 members: AS49242 members: AS43914 members: AS196677 members: AS60646 members: AS197187 members: AS198557 members: AS200714 members: AS48565 members: AS60869 members: AS197804 members: AS60418 members: AS197146 members: AS199936 members: AS197854 members: AS25313 members: AS197220 members: AS198547 members: AS199585 members: AS61078 members: AS200115 members: AS200089 members: AS200104 members: AS51323 members: AS62308 members: AS41647 members: AS60806 members: AS198591 members: AS43616 members: AS34719 members: AS57630 members: AS15141 members: AS202037 members: AS60101 members: AS34999 members: AS60189 members: AS199709 members: AS198597 members: AS6873 members: AS44962 members: AS198042 members: AS201845 members: AS59990 members: AS199787 members: AS199965 members: AS201581 members: AS44603 members: AS201020 members: AS201472 members: AS198199 members: AS203920 members: AS201036 members: AS56838 members: AS60106 members: AS197813 members: AS200822 members: AS35275 members: AS21328 members: AS198579 members: AS204098 members: AS198752 members: AS203689 members: AS34298 members: AS34845 members: AS41322 members: AS35174 members: AS9016 members: AS197939 members: AS41508 members: AS198597 members: AS34254 members: AS198696 members: AS39014 members: AS50900 members: AS204104 members: AS203356 members: AS198594 members: AS203408 members: AS52031 members: AS48381 members: AS200543 members: AS198529 members: AS206241 members: AS48690 members: AS58334 members: AS59922 members: AS49611 members: AS20983 members: AS43363 members: AS205462 members: AS205708 members: AS206183 members: AS198571 members: AS52064 members: AS199964 members: AS197064 members: AS199378 members: AS197215 members: AS60335 members: AS62457 members: AS60810 members: AS35209 members: AS42272 members: AS197494 members: AS197513 members: AS8886 members: AS47396 members: AS25506 members: AS197396 members: AS201258 members: AS207221 members: AS30813 members: AS35378 members: AS200974 members: AS204836 members: AS43929 members: AS205299 members: AS204559 members: AS199859 members: AS202445 members: AS204392 members: AS196899 members: AS197099 members: AS207055 members: AS206319 members: AS57524 members: AS201451 members: AS26685 members: AS60695 members: AS202450 members: AS199104 members: AS200316 members: AS203556 members: AS47128 members: AS210065 members: AS204522 members: AS202936 members: AS201169 members: AS209921 members: AS201493 members: AS48523 members: AS43968 members: AS42763 members: AS205713 members: AS200272 members: AS209901 members: AS209563 members: AS36224 members: AS200504 members: AS45026 members: AS210272 members: AS48516 members: AS49989 members: AS131244 members: AS36089 members: AS43962 members: AS197630 members: AS208220 members: AS208384 members: AS49822 members: AS201655 members: AS208423 members: AS208984 members: AS208424 members: AS34465 members: AS207789 members: AS207668 members: AS208949 members: AS31304 members: AS60645 members: AS60323 members: AS197217 members: AS207413 members: AS207379 members: AS203688 members: AS203845 members: AS207182 members: AS35139 members: AS207325 members: AS59977 members: AS198788 members: AS16291 members: AS213131 members: AS198992 members: AS213144 members: AS14328 members: AS207593 members: AS48981 members: AS39914 members: AS48992 members: AS204890 members: AS60279 members: AS212130 members: AS206838 members: AS211985 members: AS198424 members: AS211746 members: AS205036 members: AS39673 members: AS43062 members: AS15391 members: AS196826 members: AS202541 members: AS35538 members: AS211287 members: AS21433 members: AS204971 members: AS211354 members: AS211047 members: AS210913 members: AS56630 members: AS210831 members: AS49287 members: AS50069 members: AS30081 members: AS197935 members: AS34199 members: AS210220 members: AS30012 members: AS203422 members: AS198509 members: AS52110 members: AS206559 members: AS206594 members: AS59819 members: AS50599 members: AS42927 members: AS207685 members: AS42832 members: AS43326 members: AS47305 members: AS197472 members: AS39329 members: AS200244 members: AS199694 members: AS199219 members: AS29318 members: AS31129 tech-c: DUMY-RIPE admin-c: DUMY-RIPE mnt-by: AS8246-MNT created: 2002-08-23T10:32:01Z last-modified: 2023-08-16T12:49:06Z source: RIPE remarks: **************************** remarks: * THIS OBJECT IS MODIFIED remarks: * Please note that all data that is generally regarded as personal remarks: * data has been removed from this object. remarks: * To view the original object, please query the RIPE Database at: remarks: * remarks: ****************************