as-set: AS5617:as-world-transit descr: Autonomous Systems routed by TPNET members: AS3326 members: AS6873 members: AS8246 members: AS8286 members: AS8326 members: AS8380 members: AS8535 members: AS8588 members: AS8726 members: AS8766 members: AS8798 members: AS8819 members: AS8938 members: AS9016 members: AS9103 members: AS12346 members: AS12580 members: AS12618 members: AS12743 members: AS12812 members: AS12827 members: AS12934 members: AS12966 members: AS12985 members: AS12990 members: AS13000 members: AS13110 members: AS13065 members: AS15728 members: AS15798 members: AS15874 members: AS15878 members: AS15967 members: AS15993 members: AS16138 members: AS16167 members: AS16182 members: AS16342 members: AS16380 members: AS20553 members: AS20656 members: AS20670 members: AS20680 members: AS20763 members: AS20829 members: AS20898 members: AS20938 members: AS20961 members: AS20983 members: AS21010 members: AS21021 members: AS21064 members: AS21068 members: AS21169 members: AS21187 members: AS21244 members: AS21328 members: AS21395 members: AS21344 members: AS21404 members: AS21495 members: AS24619 members: AS24740 members: AS24756 members: AS24879 members: AS24985 members: AS25055 members: AS25410 members: AS25495 members: AS25506 members: AS25523 members: AS25552 members: AS28785 members: AS28950 members: AS28978 members: AS29023 members: AS29103 members: AS29223 members: AS29227 members: AS29228 members: AS29314 members: AS29445 members: AS29501 members: AS29512 members: AS29522 members: AS29535 members: AS29536 members: AS29665 members: AS30732 members: AS30782 members: AS30816 members: AS30824 members: AS30851 members: AS30876 members: AS30932 members: AS31026 members: AS31032 members: AS31181 members: AS31199 members: AS31267 members: AS31280 members: AS31304 members: AS31306 members: AS31315 members: AS31372 members: AS31381 members: AS31431 members: AS31434 members: AS31604 members: AS31608 members: AS31621 members: AS31640 members: AS33900 members: AS33990 members: AS34045 members: AS34085 members: AS34199 members: AS34212 members: AS34330 members: AS34337 members: AS34339 members: AS34360 members: AS34409 members: AS34431 members: AS34530 members: AS34546 members: AS34656 members: AS34789 members: AS34844 members: AS34891 members: AS34969 members: AS34986 members: AS35124 members: AS35187 members: AS35191 members: AS35209 members: AS35275 members: AS35320 members: AS35323 members: AS35491 members: AS35601 members: AS35671 members: AS35695 members: AS35752 members: AS35787 members: AS38987 members: AS39091 members: AS39133 members: AS39174 members: AS39219 members: AS39243 members: AS39261 members: AS39403 members: AS39487 members: AS39439 members: AS39599 members: AS39661 members: AS39698 members: AS39897 members: AS40585 members: AS41004 members: AS41036 members: AS41079 members: AS41097 members: AS41235 members: AS41253 members: AS41421 members: AS41467 members: AS41519 members: AS41621 members: AS41643 members: AS41647 members: AS41660 members: AS41740 members: AS41945 members: AS41952 members: AS42084 members: AS42092 members: AS42154 members: AS42198 members: AS42107 members: AS42171 members: AS42328 members: AS42374 members: AS42453 members: AS42564 members: AS42598 members: AS42619 members: AS42656 members: AS42763 members: AS42971 members: AS42927 members: AS43015 members: AS43173 members: AS43386 members: AS43420 members: AS43447 members: AS43493 members: AS43638 members: AS43679 members: AS43695 members: AS43941 members: AS43932 members: AS44004 members: AS44061 members: AS44262 members: AS44440 members: AS44514 members: AS44535 members: AS44551 members: AS44692 members: AS44758 members: AS44860 members: AS44914 members: AS45026 members: AS47223 members: AS47281 members: AS47301 members: AS47322 members: AS47329 members: AS47401 members: AS47633 members: AS47672 members: AS47741 members: AS47888 members: AS48021 members: AS48022 members: AS48025 members: AS48189 members: AS48213 members: AS48248 members: AS48428 members: AS48516 members: AS48565 members: AS48659 members: AS48690 members: AS48765 members: AS48690 members: AS48963 members: AS49035 members: AS49197 members: AS49370 members: AS49420 members: AS49528 members: AS49611 members: AS49616 members: AS49720 members: AS49888 members: AS49920 members: AS50014 members: AS50101 members: AS50247 members: AS50625 members: AS50638 members: AS50767 members: AS50988 members: AS51060 members: AS51101 members: AS51208 members: AS51390 members: AS51414 members: AS51717 members: AS51750 members: AS52101 members: AS52142 members: AS56381 members: AS56590 members: AS56609 members: AS56441 members: AS56682 members: AS56709 members: AS56713 members: AS57121 members: AS57360 members: AS57476 members: AS57593 members: AS57665 members: AS57701 members: AS57875 members: AS57966 members: AS58077 members: AS58237 members: AS58307 members: AS59804 members: AS59945 members: AS59977 members: AS60271 members: AS60565 members: AS60809 members: AS60877 members: AS61171 members: AS61242 members: AS61267 members: AS61338 members: AS61983 members: AS62050 members: AS62328 members: AS62339 members: AS65005 members: AS196652 members: AS196681 members: AS196728 members: AS196730 members: AS196776 members: AS196853 members: AS196891 members: AS196926 members: AS196927 members: AS196972 members: AS196982 members: AS196994 members: AS196999 members: AS197048 members: AS197124 members: AS197142 members: AS197224 members: AS197227 members: AS197238 members: AS197285 members: AS197295 members: AS197321 members: AS197368 members: AS197405 members: AS197418 members: AS197457 members: AS197459 members: AS197480 members: AS197496 members: AS197507 members: AS197543 members: AS197620 members: AS197621 members: AS197678 members: AS197697 members: AS197811 members: AS197840 members: AS197887 members: AS197928 members: AS198000 members: AS198007 members: AS198043 members: AS198051 members: AS198081 members: AS198104 members: AS198112 members: AS198115 members: AS198131 members: AS198163 members: AS198187 members: AS198214 members: AS198221 members: AS198241 members: AS198263 members: AS198271 members: AS198289 members: AS198317 members: AS198327 members: AS198410 members: AS198416 members: AS198457 members: AS198493 members: AS198495 members: AS198497 members: AS198579 members: AS198604 members: AS198637 members: AS198655 members: AS198696 members: AS198880 members: AS198896 members: AS198900 members: AS198906 members: AS198937 members: AS198992 members: AS199061 members: AS199076 members: AS199151 members: AS199212 members: AS199222 members: AS199390 members: AS199411 members: AS199353 members: AS199815 members: AS199859 members: AS199910 members: AS199953 members: AS199964 members: AS199981 members: AS200504 members: AS200543 members: AS200594 members: AS200671 members: AS201020 members: AS201305 members: AS201323 members: AS201373 members: AS201386 members: AS201388 members: AS201488 members: AS201737 members: AS201801 members: AS201953 members: AS201954 members: AS202004 members: AS202037 members: AS202050 members: AS202600 members: AS202712 members: AS203566 members: AS203567 members: AS204192 members: AS205146 members: AS205355 members: AS205430 members: AS206052 members: AS206108 members: AS206118 members: AS206594 members: AS206640 members: AS206770 members: AS207073 members: AS209563 members: AS210081 members: AS211315 members: AS60782 members: AS42778 members: AS197155 members: AS198975 members: AS29245 members: AS34058 members: AS42552 members: AS208331 members: AS200573 members: AS56838 members: AS38942 members: AS199023 members: AS197181 members: AS199723 members: AS38942:AS-GROT members: AS-LIFECELL members: AS-LIFECELL-IPV6 members: AS13119:AS-Szczecin-COM-TP members: AS8246:AS-TPNET members: AS21021:AS-Multimedia-TPSA-WA-WA members: AS44514:AS-TPNET members: AS-50625 members: AS-ARREKS members: AS-APLITT members: AS-ARTNET members: AS-CKZETOAS members: AS-COIG members: AS-DIALOG members: AS-ELZAPPERO members: AS-ENERGISPL members: AS-ETELGROUP members: AS-EURON members: AS-FUTURO members: AS-ICPNET members: AS-INTERPLUS members: AS-KOLNETKOLO members: AS-LEGION members: AS-MCNET members: AS-MULTIPLAYPL members: AS-OSE members: AS-PAGI members: AS-PLUSNET members: AS-POLCOM-PL members: AS-PRONET-SERWIS members: AS-RADIX members: AS-RDI members: AS-SET-COMARCH members: AS-SET-EZ-BIT members: AS-STIMO members: AS-SUPERMEDIA members: AS-TAURON-SET members: AS-TKK members: AS-WASKO members: AS-WSIZ members: AS-XNET members: AS29535:AS-MIX2 members: AS29535:AS-TRANSIT members: AS5617:AS-ONET members: AS5617:AS-QXL members: AS5617:AS-GETIN remarks: Group of ASs with world transit tech-c: DUMY-RIPE admin-c: DUMY-RIPE mnt-by: AS5617-AS-SET-MNT created: 2003-10-13T12:09:38Z last-modified: 2023-12-06T10:42:20Z source: RIPE remarks: **************************** remarks: * THIS OBJECT IS MODIFIED remarks: * Please note that all data that is generally regarded as personal remarks: * data has been removed from this object. remarks: * To view the original object, please query the RIPE Database at: remarks: * http://www.ripe.net/whois remarks: ****************************