as-set: AS-MTU descr: ASes for MTS customers members: AS8359 members: AS6870 members: AS3327 members: AS3205 members: AS8359:AS-UKRAINE members: AS3711 members: AS8410 members: AS8441 members: AS8706 members: AS8848 members: AS8920 members: AS9130 members: AS10099 members: AS12335 members: AS12456 members: AS12500 members: AS12668 members: AS12686 members: AS13016 members: AS15454 members: AS15455 members: AS15640 members: AS16012 members: AS16094 members: AS18608 members: AS28769 members: AS20690 members: AS20842 members: AS21030 members: AS21087 members: AS21231 members: AS21372 members: AS23242 members: AS24684 members: AS25086 members: AS25159 members: AS25532 members: AS29072 members: AS29225 members: AS29184 members: AS29407 members: AS29426 members: AS29497 members: AS29561 members: AS29572 members: AS30952 members: AS31138 members: AS31462 members: AS31695 members: AS33888 members: AS33892 members: AS33894 members: AS33969 members: AS34320 members: AS34490 members: AS34351 members: AS34352 members: AS35479 members: AS34545 members: AS34597 members: AS34664 members: AS34703 members: AS35102 members: AS35118 members: AS35154 members: AS35469 members: AS35473 members: AS35504 members: AS35521 members: AS35527 members: AS35728 members: AS35774 members: AS35783 members: AS35808 members: AS39046 members: AS39101 members: AS39134 members: AS39178 members: AS39294 members: AS39317 members: AS39488 members: AS39264 members: AS39684 members: AS39688 members: AS39713 members: AS39799 members: AS39843 members: AS39860 members: AS39864 members: AS39811 members: AS39900 members: AS40993 members: AS40995 members: AS41106 members: AS44014 members: AS41180 members: AS41217 members: AS41257 members: AS41279 members: AS41389 members: AS41430 members: AS41560 members: AS41575 members: AS41616 members: AS41706 members: AS41794 members: AS41798 members: AS41904 members: AS41938 members: AS41822 members: AS42087 members: AS42115 members: AS42291 members: AS42387 members: AS42575 members: AS42653 members: AS42676 members: AS42870 members: AS42895 members: AS42922 members: AS42971 members: AS42972 members: AS42393 members: AS43038 members: AS43106 members: AS43149 members: AS43267 members: AS43410 members: AS43550 members: AS43552 members: AS43747 members: AS43859 members: AS43555 members: AS43874 members: AS43634 members: AS41743 members: AS44093 members: AS44151 members: AS44240 members: AS44257 members: AS44265 members: AS44267 members: AS44330 members: AS44386 members: AS58134 members: AS44534 members: AS44587 members: AS44579 members: AS44670 members: AS44674 members: AS44677 members: AS44693 members: AS44724 members: AS44727 members: AS44804 members: AS44835 members: AS44845 members: AS44881 members: AS44895 members: AS44987 members: AS45048 members: AS45102 members: AS47126 members: AS47165 members: AS47236 members: AS47375 members: AS47395 members: AS47433 members: AS47464 members: AS47579 members: AS47618 members: AS47668 members: AS47746 members: AS47822 members: AS47827 members: AS47963 members: AS48000 members: AS48009 members: AS48035 members: AS48078 members: AS48061 members: AS48096 members: AS48806 members: AS48123 members: AS48124 members: AS48247 members: AS48302 members: AS48322 members: AS48333 members: AS48409 members: AS48433 members: AS48472 members: AS48475 members: AS48481 members: AS48499 members: AS48507 members: AS48515 members: AS48541 members: AS48561 members: AS48612 members: AS48731 members: AS48770 members: AS48922 members: AS48949 members: AS48959 members: AS48995 members: AS49012 members: AS49031 members: AS49088 members: AS49098 members: AS49170 members: AS49211 members: AS49218 members: AS49231 members: AS49255 members: AS49348 members: AS49411 members: AS49642 members: AS49701 members: AS49712 members: AS49722 members: AS49724 members: AS49730 members: AS49732 members: AS49880 members: AS49977 members: AS49988 members: AS50022 members: AS50060 members: AS50071 members: AS50222 members: AS50227 members: AS50240 members: AS50294 members: AS50396 members: AS50374 members: AS50397 members: AS50406 members: AS50466 members: AS50545 members: AS50587 members: AS50596 members: AS50630 members: AS50652 members: AS50674 members: AS50687 members: AS50775 members: AS50776 members: AS50798 members: AS50809 members: AS50852 members: AS50859 members: AS50889 members: AS50918 members: AS50951 members: AS51032 members: AS51041 members: AS51084 members: AS51116 members: AS51133 members: AS51136 members: AS51138 members: AS51165 members: AS51156 members: AS51158 members: AS51291 members: AS51292 members: AS51360 members: AS51397 members: AS51428 members: AS51471 members: AS51501 members: AS51612 members: AS51698 members: AS51740 members: AS51771 members: AS51748 members: AS51811 members: AS51907 members: AS51921 members: AS51981 members: AS51991 members: AS52043 members: AS52060 members: AS52090 members: AS52175 members: AS52166 members: AS54994 members: AS56353 members: AS56392 members: AS56451 members: AS56545 members: AS56555 members: AS56626 members: AS56634 members: AS56669 members: AS56699 members: AS56678 members: AS56720 members: AS56761 members: AS56764 members: AS56785 members: AS56820 members: AS56846 members: AS56874 members: AS56451 members: AS56917 members: AS56986 members: AS56969 members: AS56957 members: AS56463 members: AS57073 members: AS57041 members: AS57078 members: AS57296 members: AS57363 members: AS57371 members: AS57372 members: AS57449 members: AS57512 members: AS57530 members: AS57552 members: AS57587 members: AS57628 members: AS57629 members: AS57681 members: AS57871 members: AS57919 members: AS57969 members: AS57988 members: AS57808:AS-SATDV-AMK members: AS57884 members: AS58037 members: AS58048 members: AS58067 members: AS58072 members: AS58084 members: AS58096 members: AS58097 members: AS58189 members: AS58285 members: AS58310 members: AS58341 members: AS59423 members: AS59508 members: AS59574 members: AS59600 members: AS59616 members: AS59707 members: AS59738 members: AS59475 members: AS59534 members: AS60357 members: AS60459 members: AS60473 members: AS60490 members: AS13305 members: AS60075 members: AS60366 members: AS60496 members: AS60452 members: AS60523 members: AS60599 members: AS60681 members: AS60740 members: AS60771 members: AS60872 members: AS60891 members: AS60892 members: AS60936 members: AS60988 members: AS61016 members: AS61118 members: AS61223 members: AS61285 members: AS61308 members: AS61368 members: AS61390 members: AS61431 members: AS61433 members: AS62008 members: AS62036 members: AS62044 members: AS62122 members: AS62128 members: AS62130 members: AS62204 members: AS62207 members: AS62347 members: AS62348 members: AS62382 members: AS62413 members: AS62426 members: AS64461 members: AS196686 members: AS196812 members: AS196847 members: AS196914 members: AS196949 members: AS197062 members: AS197074 members: AS197204 members: AS197276 members: AS197280 members: AS197311 members: AS197461 members: AS197585 members: AS197553 members: AS197574 members: AS197725 members: AS197793 members: AS197831 members: AS198021 members: AS198039 members: AS198062 members: AS198069 members: AS198074 members: AS198207 members: AS198444 members: AS198358 members: AS198372 members: AS198376 members: AS198445 members: AS198563 members: AS198182 members: AS198618 members: AS198700 members: AS198806 members: AS199000 members: AS199020 members: AS199463 members: AS199524 members: AS199782 members: AS199728 members: AS199833 members: AS199901 members: AS199991 members: AS200764 members: AS200802 members: AS200952 members: AS200953 members: AS200982 members: AS200988 members: AS201008 members: AS201275 members: AS201511 members: AS201624 members: AS201631 members: AS51238 members: AS201570 members: AS201786 members: AS201794 members: AS201850 members: AS201851 members: AS202078 members: AS202104 members: AS202173 members: AS202486 members: AS204752 members: AS202775 members: AS202999 members: AS203006 members: AS203527 members: AS203699 members: AS203697 members: AS203718 members: AS203803 members: AS204231 members: AS204297 members: AS204551 members: AS204720 members: AS204833 members: AS205040 members: AS205076 members: AS205412 members: AS205646 members: AS205682 members: AS205735 members: AS206538 members: AS206435 members: AS207165 members: AS207168 members: AS207353 members: AS207501 members: AS207518 members: AS208142 members: AS208413 members: AS208677 members: AS208912 members: AS209024 members: AS209206 members: AS209592 members: AS209728 members: AS210071 members: AS210135 members: AS210443 members: AS210491 members: AS210756 members: AS210894 members: AS211609 members: AS212113 members: AS212264 members: AS212275 members: AS212395 members: AS212713 members: AS213067 members: AS213182 members: AS-29071-CLIENTS members: AS-ADTEL members: AS-AITICON members: AS-ABAKANNET members: AS-AMTMGTS members: AS-AMSTEL members: AS-AMURTELECOM members: AS-ANNET members: AS-ARTCOMS members: AS-ARBUZ members: AS-AVANTEL members: AS-AVELACOM members: AS-AVANTRU members: AS-AGTEL-RUS members: AS-BELPAK members: AS-BETATELECOM members: AS-BAIKAL members: AS-BISV members: AS-BASE members: AS-CARAVAN members: AS-CHTE members: AS-CDNET members: AS-CDNVIDEO members: AS-CIREX members: AS-CITICTEL-CPC-RU members: AS-CITTEL members: AS-CITYLAN members: AS-CITYTELECOM members: AS-CLOUDMTS members: AS-CMST-SIMBIRSK members: AS-COMSTAR-TVER members: AS-COMLINK members: AS-COMPTEK members: AS-COMSTAR members: AS-COMSTAR-R-TMB members: AS-COMSTAR-SIB members: AS-COMSTAR-VOLGA members: AS-COMSTAR-VOLOGDA members: AS-MAGLAN members: AS-MSK-IX-SERVICES members: AS-MTS-ARZAMAS members: AS-CNLTD members: AS-COMSTAR-R-SML members: AS-COMSTAR-REGIONS-AST2 members: AS-COMSTAR-SIB-FARNORTH members: AS-COMTELTV members: AS-COUNTRYCOM-SPB members: AS-CORPSOFT members: AS-CREDOLINK members: AS-CSIT members: AS-CTSRND members: AS-CUBIO-RUS members: AS-DINET members: AS-EMTS members: AS-RADIONET members: AS-RADIONET-T members: AS-DOMOKOMNET members: AS-REGIONSET members: AS-DSIJSC members: AS-DICOMM members: AS-EDGECENTER members: AS-EFFORTEL members: AS-EFFORTEL-KEM members: AS-ENFORTA members: AS-ENERGY-RU members: AS-EXATEL-INT members: AS-EUT members: AS-EXTRIM members: AS-MIRALOGIC members: AS-FORMULA members: AS-FINAMTECH members: AS-FIORD members: AS-FPIC members: AS-GLOBUS members: AS-GLOBAL-NET members: AS-GLOBAL-NET-v6 members: AS-GTSS members: AS-GAMMATEL members: AS-GPI members: AS-GPM-TECH members: AS-IGRA members: AS-IHOME members: AS-ITNET33 members: AS-INTAL members: AS-INETCOMM members: AS-INFOCENTR members: AS-INTELECA members: AS-INTERCOM members: AS-INTERCOMTEL members: AS-INTERTAX members: AS-IRBISTELECOM members: AS-IRCN members: AS-IREN members: AS-IS-NT members: AS-ISSR members: AS-Istanet members: AS-IZHNET members: AS-INTERTELRZN members: AS-ITEL members: AS-ITGRAD members: AS-IMPULS members: AS-ITK members: AS-JELATIN members: AS-K-Telecom members: AS-K-SERVICE-SET members: AS-KABINET members: AS-KAZTELECOMPEERS members: AS-KOVROV members: AS-KT-RU members: AS-KOLCHUG-INFO members: AS-KUBAN-TELECOM members: AS-KUBANGSM members: AS-KUBANGSM-B2B members: AS-KURSKTELECOM members: AS-KVS members: AS-LANCK members: AS-LANTA members: AS-LENTEL members: AS-LEGIONCOM members: AS-LINXDATACENTER members: AS-LIFESTREAM members: AS-LIFETELECOM members: AS-LIGHTPORT members: AS-LUKOIL members: AS-LMHD members: AS-M100 members: AS-M2C members: AS-MAILRU members: AS-MANNET members: AS-MAP members: AS-MASTERTEL members: AS-MEGANET members: AS-MELBICOM members: AS-M2C members: AS-MEGACOM members: AS-MEGATELECOM members: AS-MIGRAPH members: AS-MKS-KISLOVODSK members: AS-MKS-MIASS members: AS-MILECOM members: AS-MIRAN members: AS-MTS-CHEL members: AS-MMTS members: AS-MTS-RYAZAN-FIX members: AS-MTS-SAKH members: AS-MTS-IRK members: AS-MTS-SOUTH-FIX members: AS-MTS-VLADIMIR members: AS-MTS-KALUGA-FIX members: AS-MTS-B2B members: AS-MNOGOBYTE members: AS-MULTINET members: AS-MOTIV members: AS-MOYO members: AS-MOBILON members: AS-MKS members: AS-MSNET members: AS-MTS-ORENBURG members: AS-MTSDV members: AS-MWS members: AS-TNGS members: AS-MTSNET members: AS-MTS-IRK members: AS-METROMAX members: AS-NEVALINK members: AS-NGENIX-MTU members: AS-NETC members: AS-NETRACK members: AS-NEWTELESYSTEMS members: AS-NEP-FABRIKANT members: AS-NNZ members: AS-NTCOM members: AS-NTEC members: AS-NORCOM-KRSK members: AS-OMKC-SET members: AS-OVERTA members: AS-ORIONNET members: AS-ONLINECITY members: AS-PLUS members: AS-PRIME-LINE members: AS-PODRYAD members: AS-REGIT-SET members: AS-ROCKET-TELECOM members: AS-RUNTK-SET members: AS-RBC members: AS-RTC members: AS-RUNNET members: AS-SET-NovLine members: AS-SET-RIGHTSIDE members: AS-BRTC members: AS-QL members: AS-QUANTUM members: AS-QRATOR members: AS-RAMTEL members: AS-RASCOM members: AS-RADIST members: AS-RCS-PNZ1 members: AS-RECOM members: AS-REDCOM members: AS-RISS members: AS-RT members: AS-RTS members: AS-ROSPRINT members: AS-SANDY members: AS-Scatplus members: AS-SET-LINKINTEL members: AS-SET-S-Telecom members: AS-SET-SVSERV members: AS-SETEVYEPROEKTY members: AS-SYSTEM-SV members: AS-SELECTEL members: AS-SELECTEL-MSK members: AS-SERDITELECOM members: AS-SIBMTS members: AS-SIBSET members: AS-SKA members: AS-SUBNET05 members: AS-SMOLTELECOM members: AS-SOGAZ members: AS-SOTCOM members: AS-SOTLINE-SET members: AS-SOLID-IFC members: AS-SOLNCE members: AS-SPBMTS members: AS-SPDOP members: AS-SPNETRU members: AS-STACK members: AS-STARTELECOM members: AS-STSATS members: AS-STREAMIZH members: AS-STRKEM members: AS-STM-NVR members: AS-SUNLINK-EXPORT members: AS-SVSCOMM members: AS-SVYAZ-PRK members: AS-SVTC members: AS-SET-SVEN members: AS-SET-IPV6-SVEN members: AS-TASCOM members: AS-TATINF members: AS-TELECONNECT members: AS-TELEMAKS members: AS-TELE-PLUS members: AS-TELECOMUNION members: AS-TELESYSTEM members: AS-TELIX members: AS-TERRALINK members: AS-TKTEL members: AS-TELMOS members: AS-TSVRN members: AS-TRANSFER members: AS-TRANSKZ members: AS-TOMLINE-SET members: AS-TOMICA members: AS-TOMGATE members: AS-TPTUS members: AS-TNET members: AS-MTS_YAR members: AS-TTC members: AS-TVK members: AS-TVT members: AS-TELEDYNE members: AS-YACLOUD members: AS-YARNET members: AS-UARNET members: AS-UBN members: AS-UMC-CUSTOMERS members: AS-UMNYESETI members: AS-UNICO members: AS-UNITEDNET members: AS-UNNET members: AS-UTC-RU members: AS-UGTEL members: AS-VKTV members: AS-VLADLINK members: AS-VOLGAFLOT members: AS-VOLNAR35 members: AS-VARIANTTV members: AS-VTC members: AS-WEBTV members: AS-WESTCALL members: AS-WESTCALL-MSK members: AS-WESTTEL members: AS-WEB3TELMSK members: AS-WIMAX members: AS-ZAO-KES members: AS-ZHANR members: AS-ZTELECOM members: AS-ZGTK members: AS-ZENON members: AS-ZTBELGOROD tech-c: DUMY-RIPE admin-c: DUMY-RIPE mnt-by: MTU-NOC created: 2002-09-17T13:31:17Z last-modified: 2023-11-27T10:24:45Z source: RIPE remarks: **************************** remarks: * THIS OBJECT IS MODIFIED remarks: * Please note that all data that is generally regarded as personal remarks: * data has been removed from this object. remarks: * To view the original object, please query the RIPE Database at: remarks: * http://www.ripe.net/whois remarks: ****************************