as-set: AS51706:AS-MEMBERS descr: AS-Sets of Members connected to FranceIX Paris Route-Servers tech-c: DUMY-RIPE admin-c: DUMY-RIPE mnt-by: MNT-FRANCEIX created: 2015-02-02T11:01:06Z last-modified: 2024-05-17T08:54:37Z source: RIPE notify: network@franceix.net members: AS-ONLINESAS members: AS-M6WEB members: AS-ADJIB members: AS-VEEPEE members: AS-ONLIVE members: AS-VAN_GULIK members: AS-FIVE members: AS-1AND1 members: AS-LINKEY members: AS-EQUINIX-EMEA members: AS-CHOOPA members: AS-MEDIASERV members: AS-INGENICO members: AS-SACLAK-NETWORK members: as-next2i members: AS-SET-ECOBAND members: AS-SBS members: AS-PCH members: AS112 members: AS702 members: AS1301 members: AS-UNITAS members: AS-MILKYWAN members: AS2094 members: AS-RENATER members: AS-AFNIC members: AS-CSP members: AS-RESTENA members: AS-AUTOMATTIC members: as-ignemea members: as-nflx members: AS-NFLX members: AS-UCC members: AS-BOUYGTEL-ISP members: AS-MFNX members: AS-RIOT members: AS-PTLU members: AS-DRI members: AS6758:AS-CUSTOMERS members: AS6774:AS-BICS-TRANSIT members: AS-FTS members: AS-HURRICANE members: AS-HURRICANEv6 members: AS-M-ROOT members: AS-7552 members: AS7713:AS-TELKOM-TRANSIT members: AS-NEOT members: AS-NEOT6 members: AS-COLT members: AS-EVOLINK members: AS8283:AS-COLOCLUE members: AS-IPNG members: AS-ECRITEL members: AS-SPH members: AS-SEWAN members: AS-TELEKOM members: AS-PHIBEE-TELECOM members: AS-OMANTEL members: AS-TAS members: AS-BLUEGIX members: as-lol members: AS-NETNOD members: AS-WORLDLINE members: AS-INTEGRA-EU members: AS-MGN members: AS-SDV members: AS-RETN members: AS-RETN6 members: AS-NEURONNEXION members: AS9159 members: AS-PLDT members: AS-HUTCHCITY members: AS-HGC-INTL members: AS-YAHOO members: AS-PROXAD members: AS-GOLDEN members: AS-IDNET members: AS-COMPLETEL members: AS-ASTRA-NET members: AS12696 members: AS12779:AS-CUSTOMERS members: AS12779:AS-CUSTOMERS-V6 members: AS-CETSI members: AS-ENTER members: AS12876 members: AS-INIT7 members: AS-CATONETWORKS members: AS-EUNETWORKS members: AS-TALKTALK members: AS-CLOUDFLARE members: AS-TWITTER members: AS-SEABORN members: AS-SALESFORCE members: AS-CONTINENT8 members: AS-GOOGLE members: AS15401 members: AS-FLAGP members: AS-PPR members: AS-WITBE members: AS15547:AS-NETPLUS members: AS-EXPEREO members: AS-NFRANCE members: AS-CEGECOM members: AS-DALENYS members: AS-AGARIK members: AS16211 members: AS-RMI members: AS-AXIALYS members: AS-NEXEON members: AS-TTK members: AS-OPENPEERING members: AS-OPENPEERING-EU members: AS-Netalis members: AS-NETALIS members: AS-RASCOM members: AS-GITOYEN members: AS-EXATEL-INT members: AS20900 members: AS-AKAMAI members: AS-20986 members: AS21000 members: AS-GULFSAT members: AS-SISTEMIUNO members: AS21339 members: AS-IKOULA members: AS-ZENLAYER members: AS-ROBLOX members: AS-LLNW members: AS-CTGNET members: AS24429 members: AS-SGGS members: AS-WICAM-KH members: AS-DCLUX members: AS24691 members: AS-INFOCLIP members: AS-KWAOO members: AS-HETZNER members: AS-IP-MAX members: AS-IP-MAX-V6 members: AS25152 members: AS-VORBOSS members: AS-VORBOSS6 members: AS-KEYCOM members: AS-BCELU members: AS-ALPHALINK members: AS25593 members: AS-SLASHME members: AS-GTLD members: AS-OCTOPUCE members: AS-IELO members: AS-THALES members: AS-OPTILIAN members: AS-HUBONE members: AS29286 members: AS-LUXNETWORK members: AS-INITIALS members: AS-BCS members: AS-W2MY members: AS29639 members: AS-CACHENETWORKS members: AS-WAYCOM members: AS30919 members: AS-BEDROCK members: AS-MEANIE members: AS-SBB members: AS31167 members: AS-AXIONE-CUSTOMERS members: AS31178 members: AS-BSOCOM members: AS31328 members: AS-NEXELLENT members: AS-NEXELLENT-CUST members: AS-BELCENTER members: AS-HEXAGLOBE members: as-awell members: AS-AWELL members: AS-LEPIDA members: AS-VALVE members: AS-PROLE members: AS-FACEBOOK members: AS-HIGHWINDS members: AS-INFOSAT members: AS-CORE-BACKBONE members: AS-INTRINSEC members: AS34002 members: AS-HIVANE members: AS-CELESTE members: AS-LPGHC members: AS-HELIANTIS-CUSTOMERS members: AS-BBBELL members: AS34659 members: AS-KEYYO members: AS-HEXANET members: AS-ACORUS members: AS-EUROWEB members: AS-NEXTMAP members: AS-VDG members: AS-ATE members: AS-VIRTUA-SYSTEMS members: AS-JEUXVIDEO members: AS35798 members: AS-NETACTUATE members: AS-OPENDNS members: AS37002:AS-ALL members: AS37054 members: AS-DOLPHIN-TRANSIT members: AS-SET-CoolIdeas members: AS-VTS-SET members: AS38040:AS-peers members: AS-LEITWERT members: AS39072 members: AS-REAGI members: AS-CONVERGENZE members: AS-LASOTEL members: AS39271 members: AS39305:AS-CONVERGENCE members: AS-ESAB members: AS-IGW-SET members: AS-SAPINET members: AS-OWENTIS members: AS39533:AS-ALL members: AS39583 members: AS-IGUANE members: AS-AEMNET members: AS-DABCNET members: AS-IPTELECOM members: AS-DEEDI members: AS-E-LIANCE members: AS-ORNETHD members: AS41157 members: AS-OXYMIUM members: AS41191 members: AS41327:AS-CUSTOMERS members: AS41405 members: AS-AQUARAY members: AS-DAILYMOTION members: AS42275 members: AS-CORESYSTEM members: AS-ANEXIA members: AS42845 members: AS-ARTEWAN members: AS43100:AS-MEMBERS members: AS-adelinovius members: AS-NFORCE members: AS-FIGARO members: AS43445 members: AS-IXREACH members: AS43573 members: AS43858 members: AS-NET1C members: AS-DEVCLIC members: AS44219 members: AS44295 members: AS-FORCEPOINT-CLOUD members: AS-COVAGE members: AS45009:AS-BYTEPARK members: AS45102 members: AS-45629 members: AS-45899 members: AS-45899CUST members: AS-45899CUST members: AS-TWITCH members: AS47127 members: AS47406:AS-RLNET members: AS47406:AS-PARTNERS members: AS47608 members: AS47648 members: AS47866 members: AS48426 members: AS48519 members: AS-PROXIMUS members: AS48817 members: AS-D-LAKE members: AS-HHOSTING members: AS49463 members: AS-INTERACTIVE3D members: AS49690 members: AS49763 members: AS49920 members: AS50032 members: AS-BLUENETECH members: AS-LEONIX members: AS50812 members: AS-SOLUINFO members: AS-TRINAPS members: AS51185:AS-CUSTOMERS members: AS-HEXATOM members: AS-51326 members: AS-VOIPGATE members: AS-ONECOM members: AS51985 members: AS-WIFIRST members: AS52143 members: AS-CDC members: AS-FASTLY members: AS54994:AS-ALL members: AS-55195 members: AS-NETSKOPE members: AS-NAITWAYS members: AS57468 members: AS-AZATELECOM members: AS57581 members: AS-FCMS members: AS57734 members: AS-NORMHOST members: AS57809 members: AS57902 members: AS-METROOPTIC members: AS-PRODWARE members: AS-BLIZZARD members: AS58011 members: AS-VERSCORE members: AS-CUSAE members: AS-CMI-ALL members: AS-CIT members: AS-KEYADE members: AS-BELIEVE members: AS-BALKAN-IX members: AS-BALKAN-IX-RG members: AS-BALKAN-IX-V6 members: AS-CoriolisCS members: AS-SET-AFRIX members: AS-VP members: AS-SYSTEM-NET members: AS-ICTMEDIA members: AS61205 members: AS-COLOCATIONIX members: AS-ZSCALER-EMEA members: AS64514 members: AS-ANSPL members: AS-132876 members: AS-HUAWEI members: AS196983 members: AS197033 members: AS197133 members: AS-MEDIACTIVE members: AS-TETANEUTRAL-NET members: AS197551 members: AS197653 members: AS-CONOSTIX members: AS-EVOLIX members: AS197922 members: AS-INTERCLOUD members: AS198034 members: AS198111 members: AS198126 members: AS198184 members: AS198191 members: AS-GITS members: AS-TRANSATEL members: AS-ALPINEDC members: AS-QUANTIC members: AS198545 members: AS-FLEXNET members: AS-SATECOM members: AS-AQUILENET members: AS199064 members: AS199125 members: AS199248 members: AS199275 members: AS199383 members: AS199396 members: AS-LINKER members: AS-GCORE members: as-cloudata members: AS-NEXYLAN members: AS200050 members: AS-LHISP members: AS-GOSB members: AS-APPLIWAVE members: AS-SCANI members: AS201085 members: AS201675 members: AS201699 members: AS-DIS members: AS202321 members: AS-LVMH members: AS-MOJI members: AS204207 members: AS-TELICITY members: AS-HOTCITY members: AS-SYSTAILOR-FRANCEIX-P members: AS-YOOTEL members: AS-TELERYS members: AS205555 members: AS-TSLUX members: AS-SYNALABS members: AS205919 members: AS-MIXVOIP members: AS206782 members: AS-DORIAN members: AS209323 members: AS-RAYHAANNET members: AS210051 members: AS212424 members: AS212579 members: AS-DYJIX members: AS-INFRASIO members: AS327956 members: AS-GUILAB members: AS397601 members: AS-ABACLOUDA members: AS139341:AS-ACE members: AS208414:AS-WEDOS-GLOBAL members: AS209428:AS-DSCW members: AS211882:AS-AQUILENET members: AS-ROOT-FR members: AS-FEELB members: AS-CLARANET members: AS-ENKI members: AS-IT2GO members: AS209916:AS-VIASYS members: AS-PROVOSTINFO-AS-SET members: AS16189:AS-SET-KLEEGROUP members: AS52025:AS-ALL remarks: **************************** remarks: * THIS OBJECT IS MODIFIED remarks: * Please note that all data that is generally regarded as personal remarks: * data has been removed from this object. remarks: * To view the original object, please query the RIPE Database at: remarks: * http://www.ripe.net/whois remarks: ****************************